Thomas Mase George E. Mase and G. Includes bibliographical references p. ISBN alk. Continuum mechanics. Mase, George E.

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Thomas Mase George E. Mase and G. Includes bibliographical references p. ISBN alk. Continuum mechanics. Mase, George E. M —dc21 CIP This book contains information obtained from authentic and highly regarded sources. Reprinted material is quoted with permission, and sources are indicated.

A wide variety of references are listed. Reasonable efforts have been made to publish reliable data and informa- tion, but the author and the publisher cannot assume responsibility for the validity of all materials or for the consequences of their use. The consent of CRC Press LLC does not extend to copying for general distribution, for promotion, for creating new works, or for resale.

Corporate Blvd. Thanks also to those of you who have inquired about this revised and expanded version. A substantial percent- age of these students are working in industry, or have worked in industry, when they take this class.

Because of this, the course has to provide the stu- dents with the fundamentals of continuum mechanics and demonstrate its applications. Very often, students are interested in using sophisticated simulation pro- grams that use nonlinear kinematics and a variety of constitutive relation- ships.

Additions to the second edition have been made with these needs in mind. First, Chapter Five, Fundamental Laws and Equations, was expanded to add material regarding constitutive equation development. This includes material on the second law of thermodynamics and invariance with respect to restrictions on constitu- tive equations.

Elasticity coverage has been expanded by adding sections on Airy stress functions, torsion of noncircular cross sections, and three-dimensional solutions. A chapter on nonlinear elasticity has been added to give students a molecular and phenomenological introduction to rubber-like materials.

Finally, a chapter introducing students to linear viscoelasticity is given since many important modern polymer applications involve some sort of rate dependent material response. It is not easy singling out certain people in order to acknowledge their help while not citing others; however, a few individuals should be thanked.

Sheri Burton was instrumental in preparation of the second edition manuscript. We wish to acknowledge the many useful suggestions by users of the previous edition, especially Prof.

Morteza M. Mehrabadi, Tulane University, for his detailed comments. Thanks also go to Prof. Finally, our families deserve sincerest thanks for their encouragement. It has been a great thrill to be able to work as a father-son team in publish- ing this text, so again we thank you, the reader, for your interest. This text evolved from the course notes of an introductory graduate contin- uum mechanics course at Michigan State University, which was taught on a quarter basis.

We feel that this text is well suited for either a quarter or semes- ter course in continuum mechanics. For either a quarter or a semester system, the text is intended to be used in con- junction with a lecture course.

The mathematics employed in developing the continuum concepts in the text is the algebra and calculus of Cartesian tensors; these are introduced and discussed in some detail in Chapter Two, along with a review of matrix meth- ods, which are useful for computational purposes in problem solving. Because of the introductory nature of the text, curvilinear coordinates are not introduced and so no effort has been made to involve general tensors in this work.

There are several books listed in the Reference Section that a student may refer to for a discussion of continuum mechanics in terms of general ten- sors. Both indicial and symbolic notations are used in deriving the various equations and formulae of importance. Aside from the essential mathematics presented in Chapter Two, the book can be seen as divided into two parts. In all, such practice problems are provided, along with numerous worked examples in the text itself.

Like most authors, we are indebted to many people who have assisted in the preparation of this book. Although we are unable to cite each of them individually, we are pleased to acknowledge the contributions of all. In addi- tion, sincere thanks must go to the students who have given feedback from the classroom notes which served as the forerunner to the book.

Finally, and most sincerely of all, we express special thanks to our family for their encour- agement from beginning to end of this work. Thomas Mase , Ph. Mase received his B. He obtained his M. Immediately after receiving his Ph. In , he accepted an assis- tant professorship at the University of Wyoming and subsequently moved to Kettering University in While at the University of California, he twice received a distinguished teaching assistant award in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

George E. Mase , Ph. Mase received a B. He completed his Ph. Louis, Missouri assistant pro- fessor , to He was appointed associate professor at Michigan State University in and professor in , and served as acting chairperson of the MMM Department, to and again in to He taught as visiting assistant professor at VPI during the summer terms, through His research interests and publications are in the areas of continuum mechanics, viscoelas- ticity, and biomechanics.

Surface Forces, Mass Density 3. Mase, George Thomas.


Continuum Mechanics George E Mase

Theory and problems Margarita E. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. References to this book Computational Cardiology: You get plenty of worked problems—solved for you step by step—along with hundreds of practice problems. You get plenty of worked problems—solved for you step by step—along with hundreds of practice problems.


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Continuum Mechanics for Engineers


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