Why was he forced to shut up? The book discusses the dangers of weapons targeting ethnic groups by elitists, such as the ulta-rich, military, large corporations etc. This is the USA, right? Explore the Home Gift Guide. Follow the Author If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Talk about a true horror story!

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Gary Glum. Before this day in Dr. Do you understand? Nevertheless, with money in hand, Dr. Although the bogus debt was whittled down some, Dr. Glum and his family were flat broke by the time the IRS had finished picking their pockets.

Glum said in one of our phone conversations. They eventually did threaten to kill him and his family and some have sought to discredit him. So who are they and what was all the fuss about? So who was the angel? She was a Canadian nurse who devoted over 50 years of her life perfecting an old Indian remedy and treating thousands of cancer patients. The four-herb tea that she developed and tested produced phenomenal results. She called it Essiac, which is her surname spelled backwards.

Nurse Caisse introduced Essiac to Dr. Charles Brusch , the personal physician of President John F. Kennedy and head of the Brusch Medical Center in Cambridge. According to Dr. Glum, Dr. It can lessen the condition of the individual, control it, and it can cure it. However, Dr. Brusch told Dr. The Canadian government continually threatened to arrest Rene even though she was saving lives.

She gave cancer patients her Essiac treatment free of charge. In spite of the government and many others wanting Rene to reveal her four herb formula, she kept it secret except for her closest friends.

However, Rene died in and Resperin ran into obstacles from the government and medical establishment. It also appears that the original heads of Resperin were dragging their feet, too.

In Dr. Initially, he used it to treat his chronic bronchitis. He said that his bronchitis "went away in short order" and that he has not been sick a day in his life since he began taking Essiac--No colds, no flu, no bronchitis, nearly perfect health. He believed that the recipe for the tea should not be kept secret. The video also exposed the history and politics behind international pharmaceutical corporations such as I. Farben, et al.

These were the video tapes including the master tape that the feds unlawfully seized. On December 23, , Mary McPherson, a trusted friend of Rene Caisse who had personally helped her make the tea, publicly entrusted the formula to the town of Bracebridge, Ontario in the form of a sworn affidavit.

It revealed that Dr. Glum had given the correct formula on his video tapes. Glum gave Essiac to a man who was dying of cancer. The cancer disappeared. Grateful to be alive, the agent asked Glum what could he do to repay him. Glum then asked the man if he could obtain more intelligence on the AIDS epidemic. For the following eight years the agent secreted some very alarming information to Dr. Thirty days later Dr. Glum boarded a plane at LAX. As he was standing in line to board the plane, he noticed a man in line whose eyes were glued to him.

Later, while in flight, the same man approached him near the rear of the plane. He identified himself as an agent from the Office of Naval Intelligence and began asking Dr. Glum questions. Glum described the ONI agent as being "cold as ice.

You could see icicles fall from his teeth. It was bone-chilling. He even invited 60 Minutes to expose him and Essiac as a fraud if they found what he was saying was untrue. They call themselves The Olympians. Glum named the people and corporations behind the veil of secrecy and cited secret and not-so-secret documents that link these self-proclaimed Olympians to Hitler and the UN agenda to create a master race and reduce the population of Earth.

AIDS is the ideal weapon of mass destruction. Glum confirmed the existence of an antidote or cure for AIDS in a two-hour phone conversation on February 11, Those five patients were the only ones who lived--the other died.

Glum said that the five patients recovered their health and, after three or four years, they were all still living normal, healthy lives. Glum gave some very good clues as to the nature of the AIDS antidote p.

He has also stated that the antidote is a natural herbal formula. Glum, this antidote is effective against virtually all viruses, harmful bacteria, fungi and parasites and is an effective defense against the harmful effects of chemtrails.

This is the antidote that cured five of the AIDS patients and is perhaps the same antidote that the global elite i. However, as Dr. Prosecution of those who created this monstrous plague could permanently remove them from society before they do more harm.

And it would put their spiritual heirs on notice that America will no longer tolerate this kind of criminality If the Olympians succeed at keeping the American public asleep until their very survival as a nation requires a police state, then the Olympians will happily step in to run it. And be perceived as heroes for saving the day. That threat effectively banned the books in the US and silenced Dr.

Before the feds attacked him, Dr. Glum maintained a successful chiropractic practice treating some of the most successful world-class athletes--e. He developed the Neuromuscular Reeducation technique to heal soft tissue injuries, which is now being used by other chiropractors, such as Dr.

Peter Levy [www. I gathered from my conversations with Dr. Glum that he left his practice due to the unexpected turn of events in his life. In this age of ego-driven internet personalities the cautionary message is to do your own in-depth research, which includes investigating the source of the information. That is why we always place links to the source of the information whenever possible. All quotes are made with Dr.

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Gary Glum. Though Dr. According to Dr. This is about cancer -- Do you understand? While the federal marshals were raiding his office, Dr. Although the bogus debt was whittled down some, Dr.



No trivia or quizzes yet. English Choose a language for shopping. Glum , Hardcover The scariest part of this book is that Dr. Although the book deals primarily with the aids virus and the circumstances of how it has emerged, it also deals with the danger of the Full project and how this knowlege can lead to weapons so terrible that they may lead to the extinction of the human race. Suzel Morrow marked it as to-read Sep 07, Angela added it Jan 25, Every year medical science spends billions of dollars in a desperate search for the cure—or cures—for cancer. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. See 1 question gaary Calling of an Angel….


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