Slide the battery lid. Exhausted, auto shut off Lower If battery leakage occurs, wipe the battery compartment with a soft cloth before inserting new batteries. When the unit is off, current time indicates in the display. When the unit is on, hold down EXIT button about 0. There are total 10 pages for you to store stations.

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This digital dual conversion world band receiver will keep you connected to a very comprehensive frequency range including FM, AM, short wave and long wave stations with both a digital readout and a simulation of the old-fashioned analog dial.

The KA has a very effective wide-narrow filter. It does a really good job of whacking back adjacent channel interference. Listeners will be impressed with both selectivity and sensitivity. With single side band SSB reception, the radio will transmit with a minimal amount of interference. There are four options when tuning your radio stations.

With direct tuning, you input the desired frequency digits. Manual tuning allows you to change the frequency using the tuning knob. If you are unsure of what station you want, use the scan tuning option to have the radio stop at all hearable receptions. Finally, with preset tuning, you can recall a preset station with a single button press. You can store up to preset stations using memory tuning feature, and there is a ten-key direct access tuning function, offering you quickly access to your top ten favorite stations.

If you plan on traveling with a radio, the KA is a very good choice. You can either listen to the KA via the built-in 3" speaker or with the included earphones. Beyond the ability to tune into various radio bands, the KA also features a built-in automatic battery charger, plugs it into any wall outlet with the included AC adpator when the battery indicator shows that battery is low.

Frequency Coverage:.


User's Manual book of the KA1103 Shortwave Radio

Click here for package details. We have heard similar comments from alot of people who purchased this receiver and were extremely impressed with this little radio. The other features which must be noted are a tuning knob. This is a huge bonus if you like to surf around the AM, FM or shortwave bands!


Kaito KA1103 FM Stereo/SW/MW/LW Digital World Receiver, Silver


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