Mazugrel Never — aastrs the charging station or the mobile device aside from the battery compartment lid! Aastra c is a new DECT business phone based on the F Press the arrow key while your handset is in the idle state and scroll to the desired entry, e. This contains all the available OMM functions, depending on the current state. If you switch off all signal generators, a call is only signalled optically on the display with the symbol. The signal lasts approximately 60 seconds and can be switched off by pressing any number key. Use the arrow keys to select the System menu entry.

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Mem Slide the adapter clip over the back of the mobile unit until the clip snaps into place in the side openings. Select a melody, and confirm this by aqstra OK. If your mobile unit is switched off, no ringer or info tones are emitted for example, for an appointment call. The Aastra D has a variety of convenient features such as hands-free operation, vibra-call, back-lit graphic display and caller lists.

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Alternatively you can activate the key lock as follows: Select one of the available delays 0 — 32 secondsand confirm your choice by pressing OK. Features and Menus Attention Tones: The amber-coloured illuminated display makes for simple intuitive operation aastfa the system menus and browsing through the phone book. In this setting, only GAP-compatible aastrs are available. Page Index Ringer PARK 17 device 79 Park 46, 51, 54, 56, 58 for incoming calls 79 Personal phone book 64 setting 79 Pharmacy line 62 switch off 32, 49 type 79 Phone book 46, 51, 54, 56, 87 add entry 67 edit entry 89 general information 64 Safety information Each of these keys has a separate internal call number which — depending on the system configuration — can also be assigned to a separate external call number.

In this state, entries to the caller list are also registered without the date or the time. Confirm one of the following menu items by pressing OK. Page Index Calls call-waiting call state-dependent Date menu 51 set 78, 91 incoming state-dependent Date format 83 menu 50 Declaration of conformity 99 DECT 5 menu 72 outgoing state-dependent Delete key 25 menu 48 Dial 86 pick-up 86 Disconnect 51, 54 Call-waiting protection 85 call 46, 47, 48 Call-waiting queue An entry can consist of up to 32 digits for the number and 16 characters for the r.

Please refer to the menu structure on page Telephoning Dialling Directly 14d2 the call key and enter the internal or external call number if necessary with prefixed code for external line seizure, please refer to page 42 also.

Telephone Options ………………………………………………………………57 Menu: From Analog to Digital phones, from basic calling features to large color touch screen LCD displays; Aastra has what you need. These limits are part of comprehensive guidelines and established permitted levels of RF energy for the general population. Additionally, the SOS button, which is programmed with a telephone number, can be used.

It does not require any force to insert the batteries. After you enter a space, the next letter is upper case. Aastra — Mitel d V2. Block List Calls from phone numbers in this list will be rejected. Whenever an alarm has been signaled, you have to activate any new alarm again. Note You can also open the redial list by pressing the info key 46 OK.

The following options will then be available: P rotect your equipment up to 3 years after the delivery date. The devices are suitable for use in all business environments ranging from home offices to SMEs and large corporations.

It has a variety of convenient features such as hands-free operation, vibra-call, back-lit graphic display and caller lists. These limits are part of comprehensive guidelines and establish permitted levels of RF energy for zastra general population. Never short-circuit a battery — this is dangerous! The few materials used in its manufacture are environmentally friendly. Customizing Your Telephone Menu: Never use a battery which is damaged or worn out.

F Select Quick Call. You can save additional per- sonal entries in this phone book. Place the charger cradle on a nonslip surface. Multiple trunk keys can be configured on your telephone 3 max. Long key d in call state: Telephoning Responding to an announcement Announcement without Intercom Your telephone switches to the handsfree mode when it receives the announcement.

Products A — Z Know what your looking for? ProVu Communications Aastra d Snom technology aastrra and manufactures VoIP phones based on open standard for enterprise communications. You can view the phone numbers in the redial list, together with the corresponding details the time of the call, for exampledelete them, and copy them to predialing, to the telephone book, or to the caller filter.

Follow all the safety precautions mentioned on page 1. Environmental Characteristics and Disposal This product is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

When you asatra the batteries for the first time, the charge status will not be displayed correctly until they have been completely discharged and then completely recharged. This menu group contains all types of call forwarding that you can program on your telephone. Related Articles.

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