Cough From a gameplay perspective, the Tyranid army is a tactically engaging force with a lot of strengths, as well as some weaknesses which must be dealt with in order to make the most of them. Likewise, they possess a fair amount of support units, capable of either buffing or debuffing units as need be, or otherwise acting as force-multipliers to the army as a whole. As much as they can now. No more access to the main rulebook psychic powers means no more iron arm, warp speed, or anything else we liked. Its only the tyranid psychic powers now, or nothing In some cases it is a good idea to make assaults into cover using heavy linebreakers like Trygons since the overwhelming majority of Tyranid units lack assault grenades.

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Pros Model Count: Sooo many Even so, the only armies that could possibly outnumber you are Renegades, Astra Militarum, and maybe Orks. Your Guant units are cheap, disposable, and come in huge ass squads.

Synapse: While within range of a Synaspe creature who is already Fearless himself , Tyranids are basically Fearless in every sense of the word. Flexible: Tyranids can be surprisingly flexible with how they play. They can be centered around close combat or dakka, hordes or Monstrous Creatures, discreet or full frontal assault, in any sort of combination! You can reliably take on most foes and playstyles and win. Variety: The bugs have an absurd amount of units to choose from. While some are certainly more viable than others , the fact that you have a unit for nearly any situation is comforting.

Most if not all options can add something to your army. Supplements: For such an undercut army like Tyranids, they have a surprising amount of supplements and formations available for use, namely "Leviathan Rising 1, 2 and 3" and "Shield of Baal: Leviathan. These reasons are listed below: Points Inefficiency: Many units, upgrades, and Bio-Artefacts are way too expensive for what they do, Old One Eye and the Norn Crown being the most glaring examples.

Complicated: Tyranids easily have the most special rules and weapons out of any codex in the game. Even worse is that many of them are unit specific, so trying to learn your codex will be a goddamn nightmare. Poisoned Weapons: Your entire army is organic, and your heavy units are monstrous creatures. Synapse: Tyranids are basically Fearless When that happens your entire army begins to either eat itself, go to ground, or attack the nearest enemy unit.

Situational: Easily the most annoying con, many rules and such are extremely situational in their use. The Warlord Traits are the most unforgivable, with most of them dealing with Night Fighting and Terrain. Painting: While you can have fun with the color schemes, painting Gaunts over and over again and the model details can make Tyranids a pain in the ass to paint and put together.

Warlord Traits[ edit ] Luckily, they did forget to restrict us to Tyranid-only Warlord Traits a la the psychic power tables, so you can still roll on the BRB table for your trait.

Unbelievably situational at best because good luck finding a Forest on a City or Desert Table. Better hope for a different one. Synaptic Lynchpin — The warlord has an 18" synapse range. The Swarmlord gets this by default, which honestly is kind of stupid since Mind Eater would be far more useful for it, and if a non synapse creature rolls the lynchpin trait it turns them into a synapse creature with an extra 6" range to their default Synapse Range. Mind Eater — 2 VP for independents slain by the warlord in a challenge.

Another WHY? Your Flyrants should be flying not challenging. Old One Eye gets this by default, finally something that makes sense. This is the one you want. But if you have a godly tank of a melee warlord just go for Four.

Powers of the Hive Mind[ edit ] This is the only psychic discipline table your psykers will be rolling on Not any more, Genestealer Cultists now have access to Telekinesis. The good news is most of the powers are good in terms of Blessings and screwing up enemy units. Zoanthropes anyone? Pretty decent, never hurts to give your swarms more breathing room from being crammed up.

With the new FAQ for 7th edition out now, Psykers without the synapse rule who cast dominion gain a 6" synapse for the duration of the power. Catalyst: Psyker and one friendly unit within 12" gains Feel No Pain. A malediction that makes an enemy unit up to 24" take a pinning test with a -2 modifier.

This one is Though it can still be useful in certain situations. Broodlords only know this power. A good power to have! Its better because making them shoot at low BS or letting your swarm hit them on 3s is far more useful than Pinning. Makes the Haruspex really good at killing elite infantry, what with the getting an extra attack for every wound it inflicts new attacks do not generate new attacks. Psychic Scream: What they gave us in place of Doom, but for everyone. Basically a watered down version of Psychic "Shriek" See the similarities?

Not as good, but hey, better than nothing, right? Come on Cruddace you coypasta everything else whynot AP 1 like last edition? Both are short range 24" Blast, 18" Lance , but these powers pack a punch. Zoanthropes still know this power by default thankfully. Melee Weapons[ edit ] Not a whole lot in this section, but our close combat weapons are straightforward for what they do.

Scything Talons: These got nerfed with Boneswords being right behind these weapons. Summary: AP 6 Chainswords. Rending Claws: You know them, you love them. They also lost the ability to force Leadership checks on 3d6, instant killing those who failed. Now it just instant kills models on an unsaved wound from 6s. Very useful, but has crap AP. Lash Whip and Bonesword: Same as above, but mixing the two for AP3 attacks plus the Initiative bonus and chance to instant kill on a roll of 6.

Note that you have to choose one or the other, either ID or rending. Slap these on Carnifexes Carnifices? Ranged Weapons[ edit ] Okay, this is going to be the crazy part. Pretty decent for its points cost, although it gets overshadowed by this next weapon. Twin-linked Devourer with brainleech worms: Quite a tongue twister, no? In any case, these should be auto include for your Flyrant, because these Devourers are Elite and Horde killers as they dakka two times better than ordinary Devourers and have S6 shots.

But in the case for the footsloggers, this is the better choice because of its long range at 36" and cause Pinning, making the job easier for your Gaunts.

Pretty decent at softening up those Marines before your other units charge in. Situational at best. Oh, almost forgot. It makes them more expensive, but if the Miasma Cannon too pricey for you, then check out the template weapons below. One of them should make your Tervigon a threat. Termagant Weapons: Fleshborers: The traditional compact-carbine-nest, these are basically Bolt Pistols.

A good weapon to stick with although better range would have been nice. Spinefists: Now that these are free, you have a choice between stronger shots or reliable hits. One thing to keep in mind is that while spinefisfs are slightly worse against most targets, they are better at overwatch by nature of being twin linked. Otherwise, against T1 and 3 fists are best, and against 4 they are equal. Everything else is better killed with fleshborers. No bits exist, so you will need to do some conversions if you want to use this weapon.

They suck. Want to use em anyway? Only use is to add some affordable meat shields for your devilgaunts. More SR for more bodies more devs for power. Laugh as your opponent wipes out sad spike gaunts to get to your devils, especially if they have more important things to worry about. But for having longer range, granting you strong slugs Or worms and just outgun the rest of the options, how can you argue for its expensive cost?

A fantastic choice IF you can afford them. A 30 strong brood with these things can and will slaughter any other infantry on the map if they are caught in the open in range of the entire brood.

Strangleweb: Huh, forgot to include this in the list. S2 Ap- and Pinning? Ugh, maybe it was best to not bother mentioning this crappy web shooter. Just take Devourers, or stick with your Fleshborers. You only have to cover two MEQs with the template to beat the wound output of a fleshborer, so for 5 pts it might not be a terrible investment.

Mixed Weapons: The big change and lets be honest other than point cost reductions the only important option is that you can now throw a row of othergaunts in front of your Devilgaunts. Good to keep overall. Spinefists: Why would you give up the Devourers for these?

If a Prime is with them, sure it can be useful. As mentioned above, you should save the points for something else unless the Prime is hanging out with them. If they were half the price, then they would be an auto take. Hive Guard earned the name of premier transport hunter in the game thanks to these guns.

Being blast and Haywire makes them good at glancing all vehicles and even penetrate on 6s. As it is, save the points and stick with Impaler Cannons.


Warhammer 40,000/7th Edition Tactics/Tyranids


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Warhammer 40,000/6th Edition Tactics/Tyranids




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