NET and Java application without any changes to the application just because of the nature of metadata generation of. NET and Java application which are easy to reflect. Reflection is the ability to retrieve internal objects, properties, methods and events. So these are always called White Box Applications. That would require compiling with Debug information enabled and the inclusion of some TestComplete files into the project to enable reflection of all program metadata. This item is not required but is highly recommended.

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Important: If you use a computer thathas several processors or a multiple-core processor for example, dual-coreCPU and has Windows XP Service Pack 2, then you must install the Windowsupdate in order for TestComplete to be able to record user actionscorrectly.

NET Framework v. The single greatest strength of manual testing is thatit is truly real-world testing, meaning that the tester can utilize theapplication under test the same way an end user would. Through manual testing the tester canprovide a wide variety of feedback about the application under test not limitedto simply reproducing bugs. The major weakness of manual testing isthat it is time consuming, tedious and requires extended periods of very focusedattention which can be very difficult to perform on a regular basis.

Manual testingtends to be quite error prone, leading to situations where consistentlyreproducing a bug can be very difficult. The goal of Functional Testing is tomethodically cover all of the various UI features exposed by an application.

Functional Testing should be highly organized and structured in a manner thatallows for additional tests to easily be incorporated as new features areadded. Typically, Unit Testing requiresinternal knowledge of how an application performs and seeks to test portions objects, methods and function of an application in isolation. In many cases,applications have to be designed with Unit Testing in mind in order for thistype of testing to be truly effective.

The benefit of unit testing is that it tendsto force application developers to write smaller more well defined routineswith fewer dependencies allowing for more highly specific tests to bedeveloped.

Regression Testing is extremely important and is the means of realizing thevalue of test automation. Repeatedly executing tests over time allows you toverify the application is still performing in the manner in which it was intended. Distributed Testing is useful for simulating real world interactions on anetworked application such as a web site or web service and can exercisefunctionality designed to handle concurrent use of application resourcesincluding, but not restricted to data.

TestComplete provides the ability to leverage networked computers andvirtual users to simultaneously submit HTTP transactions to a web application.


UI Test Automation Made Easy with TestComplete

By implementing continuous testing with TestComplete, your team can keep up with the quickening pace of development and deployment without having to make tradeoffs between quality, speed, and costs. One Automated Test Suite for Maximum Risk Coverage Our open platform lets you easily create a test suite that consists of different kinds of automated UI tests from all stages of your development lifecycle. To ensure complete test coverage across both the front and back-end of your applications, you can integrate SoapUI tests to create functional and security tests for web service APIs. Integrate with your Continuous Delivery Pipeline SmartBear software believes in an inclusive ecosystem. You can install plugins from any source, create custom plugins that will suit customer needs, and integrate with solutions to provide end-to-end solutions for all your testing needs.


UI Testing Made Easy with TestComplete



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TestComplete Made Easy 读书笔记


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