Effect of attack of devils, ghosts, and spirits can be warded off by reading 3rd chapter. To get permanent wealth and happiness read chapter To get rid of bad dreams read Chapter To get good behavior read chapter To rejoin with lost relatives read chapters

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Sundara Kanda is the fifth book in the Hindu epic the Ramayana. It depicts the adventures of Hanuman. The original Sundara Kanda is in Sanskrit and was composed by Valmiki, who was the first to scripturally record the Ramayana. Any of the below mentioned procedure is to be followed for the parayana. Ekahna Parayana In one single day, the entire Sundarakanda Parayana should be done 2.

Dinadwaya Parayana In two days the Parayana is to be completed. First day, from 1st verse to 48th verse and on second day from 49th to 68th sarga verse are to be completed. Ekottara Vriddhi Parayana 2nd day — 2, 3 sarga 3rd day — 4 to 6 sarga 4th day — 7 to 10 sarga 5th day — 11 to 15 sarga 6th day — 16 to 21 sarga 7th day — 22 to 28 8th day — 29 to 36 sarga 9th day — 37 to 45 10th day — 46 to 55 11th day — 56 to 66 12th day — again 1 to 10 13th day — 11 to 23 14th day — 24 to 37 15th day — 38 to 53 16th day — 54 to 68 By the above said procedure, Sundarakanda Parayana will be completed for two times in 16 days.

Daily, do parayana of 5 verses each. On 14th day do parayana of 66th to 68th sarga and again start from 1st sarga and perform parayana till the end of 2nd sarga. This procedure is also widely followed. Sapta sarga Parayana — Daily, do parayana of 7 verses each. On 9th day, do read 57th to 68th verses. Daily each one or three or five or seven verses each can be done. Similarly, the Parayana should be done for 68 days.


Parayana Vidhana of Sundara Kandam

Sage Valmiki has written Ramayana in Sanskrit language. Therefore it is called Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam. Sundara Kandam comprises of slokas or verses spread in 68 chapters. Ramayana: Story I will give a brief account of the story for you to ascertain the context. There he kept Sita in a place called Asoka Vanam forest.


Sundara Kanda Parayanam

Parvathy asked: Oh, God of all beings, I would very much love to know from you, the greatness of Sundara Kanda in detail. Sri Parameshwara replied: I would summarize the greatness of Sundara Kanda for you, because to tell in detail, only the great Lord Ramachandra is capable. Similar to the fact that God Rama is the greatest among Devas, similar to the fact that Kalpaga tree is greatest among trees, similar to the fact that the Kousthubha gem is greatest among gems, in Ramayana , Sundara Kanda is the greatest chapter. By reading or listening to Sundara Kanda with devotion, all the wishes are fulfilled, all dangers will vanish, all diseases will be cured and all types of wealth will grow.


How To Perform Sundara Kandam Parayanam


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