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The engine and exhaust system may otherwise be damaged. The use of appropriate fuel additives is your responsibility. Mixing additives to the fuel can limit or invalidate the warranty entitlements. For this reason, only use fuel additives that have been approved for Mercedes-Benz. When the vehicle leaves the factory, the diesel fuel in the vehicle corresponds with the sulphur content of the fuel available in the country of delivery.

Diesel fuels at low temperatures At very low outside temperatures, paraffin separation may cause the flow properties of the diesel fuel to be insufficient.

To prevent operating problems, diesel fuel with improved flow properties is available in the winter months. Winter diesel fuels are reliable down to outside temperatures of in Germany and other Central European countries.

Winter diesel fuel can normally be used without problems at the outside temperatures expected in the country where it is purchased. At low outside temperatures, ask a filling station attendant for information about particularly cold-resistant winter diesel. When the engine is running, components in the exhaust system may overheat unnoticed. There is a risk of fire. Never refuel with petrol. Never add petrol to diesel fuel. Rectify malfunctions resulting from paraffin separation by heating the entire fuel system, e.

The oil filter and fuel filter must be replaced every time the engine oil is changed. Fatty acid methyl ester shortens the service life of conventional fuel filters. Mercedes-Benz recommends fitting a special fuel prefilter. Information about this is available at any qualified specialist workshop. The engine oil will have to be changed and the oil filter replaced much more frequently. Fatty acid methyl ester that does not comply with DIN EN , or special additives added to the fuel may cause malfunctions or engine damage.

Fatty acid methyl ester corrodes painted surfaces. For this reason, it must not be allowed to come into contact with the paintwork. Rinse off immediately with water. Only use engine oils that comply with Sheet no.

If the vehicle is not used for long periods of time, fatty acid methyl ester can clog fuel system components. Therefore, if the engine is not used for long periods of time, use up the fatty acid methyl ester and fill up the fuel tank with conventional diesel fuel.

Before stopping the vehicle, allow the engine to idle for at least one hour. The use of fatty acid methyl ester is not recommended for vehicles which are out of use for long periods e. The auxiliary heating can only be operated with commercially-available diesel fuel. Environmental note If the vehicle runs on FAME fatty acid methyl ester fuel, ask your disposal plant whether you have to collect the engine oil separately.

Not all manufacturers of refined products lubricant manufactured from used engine oil can process engine oil which has been enriched with FAME fatty acid methyl ester fuel. Observe the special notes and national regulations when disposing of engine oils. You can operate the vehicle on pure fatty acid methyl ester according to DIN EN or a mixture of conventional diesel fuel and fatty acid methyl ester. Low outside temperatures Fatty acid methyl ester compliant with DIN EN can be used reliably at outside temperatures down to


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Subsequently have the engine oil changed at the earliest possible opportunity. Mixing oils reduces the benefits of using high grade engine oils. The sheet number quality grade and the SAE classification viscosity can be found on the designation on the oil container. Do not swallow the coolant. See a doctor immediately if you swallow coolant. Make sure that coolant does not come into contact with skin, eyes or clothing.


2005 c230 Factory Approved Service Pamphlet



2005 c230 Factory Approved Service Pamphlet


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