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The MT telescopic loader gives you the best performance you can ask for: it has excellent working envelope and has lifting capacity of up to 4 tons. The MT offer a unique versatility in the market. With design that makes the machine easy to facilitate. You can have transmission choice, torque converter or hydrostatic. Furthermore the stability indicator comes with shut-down aggravating movements.

You choose the palletized load or suspended to optimize your handling. Basket can carry up to kg with automatic locking of the rear axle. Automatic parking brake with hill start assistance. The easy connect system allows depressurization of the hydraulic line accessory without turning off the engine.

Adjusting the hydraulic flow of the accessory line. Lock the tilt of the deck to secure your delicate handling and pad for starting the machine.

When it comes to lifting abilities the maximum lifting is kg and the height is The loader itself comes with double opening to the enginecompartments without need dismantling: time saver for maintenance. Display of periodic maintenance and diagnostic machine on the multifunction display of the instrument panel. Popular Categories.


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Manitou MRT 2540 Telescopic Forklift


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