Shelves: favorites , paranormal-romance , scary-sexy-cool-dangerous-hero , vampire , part-of-a-series , owned-copy , demon , favorite-or-autobuy-author Wow. I am completely drawn into this series. I read the first book and thought it was excellent, and made a note to read the rest. But now I have to read them. Very dark, gritty, modern, but with elements of the past deftly woven into the framework, this story stakes its claim on the vampire paranormal romance, giving us a different kind of vampire lore.

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Chapter 1 Bitch in a Lexus. Todd Brackman watched the silver SUV swing around the corner. Green for the green. Brackman wiped the sweat from his face onto his sleeve.

Come to get me some cash. Driving into the city and setting up for this job had taken hell near forever. Brackman had put up with the sweats, shakes, and fever, watching every car, knowing it would work only one time. Now here she was. My bitch. Beauty-parlor babe, coming home after having her nails polished. Driving too fast, yammering away on the phone as she dropped by to tap the account for more cash.

All bucks, no bang. Something metal crashed into metal, making Brackman tense. Brackman forgot about the noise and watched the SUV. He guessed she would check him out, so he worked on the tree.

Being sweaty might have given it away, but here it actually made him look like he was on the job. Todd thought about his uncle George, who had humped plenty. The old man had had barely enough to eat, a Chevette that farted smoke, and a decrepit single-wide on a back lot in the Lake View Trailer Park. What had it gotten old G? The single-wide was only big enough for one, anyway.

But the old prick had talked and smelled funny. Brackman concentrated on the tree again. Screw George. This was a sweet idea, truly awesome, and if nothing went nuts-up, a guaranteed score. Last year Bobby had stopped playing paintball and turned into a lazy fat fuck.

Brackman thought renting pussy when you had a working hand was like burning hundreds for the heat. Bobby lost his respect for Todd, too. Why you keep saying "awesome" and "freaking" all the time? Sounds retarded.

Brackman glanced over without moving his head. Phone down, arms elbow-out while she dug through her purse. Two cars sat waiting on a green light a block south. Freaking awesome. Brackman moved around the trunk of the tree to get closer.

He reached in his pocket for the paintball and found it wringing wet. Brackman squeezed the thin plastic ball so hard that he thought for a second it might explode. Wait for it, dude, wait for it. The account services menu appeared. As the thick white paint exploded and the bitch shrieked, he grabbed her wrist and pressed the fourteen-inch blade of the chainsaw against her forearm. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head, though, as he leaned in.

While the console processed his request, he worked the big-ass diamond ring off her bony finger. The daily cash limit is two hundred.

Two hundred? He peered in the Lexus, squinting as a strong, flowery odor burned his nose. A big bum dressed in black hauled him backward. To the bitch, he snarled, "Flee. Brackman spit paint, swiping and clawing at the bum and his own burning eyes.

Wino on a bender. Brackman started to swear, and then the bum seized him by the front of the neck. In his other hand he held a knife with a weird blade. Brackman spotted the chainsaw, now in pieces.

Bitch was gone; chainsaw was ruined. Brackman jumped on his broad back and ripped the serrated edge of the steak knife across his neck.

The man stopped moving and stood frozen, a domino about to topple. No, they were. The bum carried him across the lot and with a single toss threw him into the Dumpster. He hardly felt it. But I cut him. I freaking cut him. Holding his broken hand against his chest, Brackman tried to sit up, but the bags under him shifted. Tears of frustration swamped his eyes, and his nose clogged. How freaking fair was that? Nothing, and you go and break my freaking back.

Todd looked up, and hot wetness soaked the crotch of his pants as he pissed himself. There was no gash across his throat. The dirty skin on his neck looked as if it had grown around the base of the knife. Brackman could talk his way out of this, bribe him. His broken fingers and the nice, sweet smell inside the Dumpster made it hard to get the words out.

You want some booze?


Private Demon by Lynn Viehl

But his nocturnal visits have placed her in danger and brought her between two ancient enemies: the Brethren and the Darkyn. My review: The main character Jema was a character I could actually relate to, weirdly enough, so I ended up really enjoying this book but hating how her name was spelt- so for the rest of this review, she will be spelt properly, as Jemma. Bloody Hell. She was a character who was starting to bloom and discover herself, and Thierry was a damaged character who was surprisingly well suited to Jemma, so I really liked reading about their relationship as it grew. They more-or-less spent a lot of their time in dreams together, which was a cool concept. There are two side stories within this book, besides the love triangle.



Samushura She and her family currently live in Florida. I read the first book in this series and I thought it was pretty good, but I felt that there was something missing in it. She writes mostly novels in a variety of genres and under several pseudonyms. May 27, Anna Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: And Alex is still her snarky, irreverent self. In Private Demon he finds his healing in the dreams of a woman — I really should have posted this, like, Monday, but instead let it sit in draft stage. The Kraken King Part V. They are deeply in love, but Alex is still not content being Darkyn and privafe trying to find a privahe.

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