ISBN 1. Alec Walker, o homem que ela viera entrevistar. Nem seu tamanho. Sem o capacete, Alec Walker era melhor ainda. Cabelos escuros — quase negros — e ligeiramente encaracolados, pairando um pouco acima da gola da jaqueta. Ela ainda estava observando-o quando seus olhares se cruzaram.

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Eve Berlin is now officially on my must read list. If you read BDSM, pick this one up. If you are curious about the genre, this is a great place to start. If you take your contemporary romance with a lot of steam, you are going to love me for pointing you in the right direction. To me, a five star book is one you will think about long after Amazing. To me, a five star book is one you will think about long after it is over, and you will want to re-read again and again.

Erotic romance author Dylan Ivory is a woman in control. After growing up in a dysfunctional household, raising her younger brother and subsequently losing him, control is how she stays sane. Alec, a writer of dark physiological thrillers, lives on the edge and he is more than willing to give Dylan a real life glimpse of the lifestyle. But when the two meet, control begins to crumble. Yes, they visit a BDSM club and yes, spankings are pretty standard when the two get together, but the BDSM stays on the light side, making it very palatable for those who only dip a toe into the genre.

The heat comes from the carefully woven scenes between the two. The tension and lust were melting my Kindle. Both Dylan and Alec keep lovers at a distance. Hot sex, yes. Frequently and without guilt.

But there has never been any compulsion to attempt a relationship, until now. They are both genuinely confused as they experience new emotions in these uncharted waters. The way they hold part of themselves back, hold their secrets tight, is so realistic and left me wondering at the mystery of what shaped them to be as closed off emotionally as they were.

It was a thrill discovering who these two were and what they would become together. It is an absolutely satisfying ride.


Luxúria – Trilogia Luxúria Vol. 1 – Eve Berlin



No Limiar do desejo – Trilogia Luxúria Vol. 2 – Eve Berlin


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