Nel si iscrive al College Chaptal di Parigi come esterno e continua ad ottenere buoni risultati soprattutto in tedesco. Intanto continua la lettura di Rimbaud e scopre Jarry. Durante questo periodo pensa anche di occuparsi di psichiatria e conosce Joseph Babinski. Nel si mette in contatto con Tristan Tzara al quale manifesta il suo entusiasmo per il " Manifesto Dada 3 ". Marcel Arland sulla "NRF" parla di "mistica senza oggetto" di un "profeta senza fede" [1].

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Breton attended medical school, where he developed a particular interest in mental illness. The couple relocated to rue Fontaine No. He was an atheist. Anxious to combine the themes of personal transformation found in the works of Arthur Rimbaud with the politics of Karl Marx , Breton joined the French Communist Party in , from which he was expelled in Nadja , a novel about his encounter with an imaginative woman who later became mentally ill, was published in Breton celebrated the concept of Mad Love, and many women joined the surrealist group over the years.

Toyen was a good friend. During this time, he survived mostly by the sale of paintings from his art gallery. It marked a divide amidst the early surrealists.

In , there was a conflict between Breton and the Soviet writer and journalist Ilya Ehrenburg during the first International Congress of Writers for the Defense of Culture, which opened in Paris in June.

Breton had been insulted by Ehrenburg—along with all fellow surrealists—in a pamphlet which said, among other things, that surrealists were " pederasts ". Breton slapped Ehrenburg several times on the street, which resulted in surrealists being expelled from the Congress. Mexico is the most surrealist country in the world".

However, visiting Mexico provided the opportunity to meet Leon Trotsky. Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo were among the visitors to the hidden community of intellectuals and artists.

Together, Breton and Trotsky wrote the Manifesto for an Independent Revolutionary Art published under the names of Breton and Diego Rivera calling for "complete freedom of art", which was becoming increasingly difficult with the world situation of the time. The Vichy government banned his writings as "the very negation of the national revolution " [18] and Breton escaped, with the help of the American Varian Fry and Harry Bingham, to the United States and the Caribbean during He emigrated to New York City and lived there for a few years.

And, with the epaulets of [Jean-Jacques] Dessalines , it will ventilate the world. Returning to France with multiple paintings by Hyppolite, Breton integrated this artwork into the increased surrealist focus on the occult, myth and magic. In , he organized an exhibit in Paris. In Breton wrote "It was in the black mirror of anarchism that surrealism first recognised itself. He sheltered Fontenis whilst he was in hiding. He was particularly interested in materials from the northwest coast of North America.

He subsequently rebuilt the collection in his studio and home at 42 rue Fontaine. The collection grew to over 5, items: modern paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, books, art catalogs, journals, manuscripts, and works of popular and Oceanic art.

Strauss even described their friendship while the two were living in New York: "We lived in New York between and in a great friendship, running museums and antiquarians together. I owe him a lot about the knowledge and appreciation of objects. When I say a mistake, I mean about its authenticity but also its quality. He [Breton] had a sense, almost of divination. After thirty-six years, when attempts to establish a surrealist foundation to protect the collection were opposed, the collection was auctioned by Calmels Cohen at Drouot-Richelieu.

A wall of the apartment is preserved at the Centre Georges Pompidou. Published in English as: Earthlight Signe ascendant — Anthology of poems


les vases communicants de breton



Les vases communicants



Des Vases communicants à Arcane 17, Breton était-il freudo-marxiste ?



Les Vases communicants


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