Samutaxe I have fixed weird problems in instruments of this vintage just by reseating chips in their sockets. Do not perform any servicing other than that contained in service instructions. Enhanced Resolution — Allows filtering of the digi- tized signals, whether they are single-shot or repetitive, in order to increase the resolution of the dis- played trace from 8 bits to 11 bits in steps of 0. Address switches on rear panel. Make sure that the GPIB board is properly connected as Lscroy remember something about the something not working if there is a problem there but I am not totally clear on that at the moment you will just have to plow through the service manual and figure it out. If no trigger occurs, one is generated at an appropri- ate rate.

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Make sure the mains cable stays plugged into the line filter. The deflection yoke can be removed from the cathode ray tube. LeCro v Figure The data and address mahual are 16n bits wide. You should have gotten a message when you joined the group telling you where to find manuals, etc. It is advisable to perform this type of check when the scope is in a stable condition, after 20 minutes of warm up.

Check all the component power supply and check for leaking cap. The lower trace shows the same expansion but with 9-bit resolution. The current is measured through a shunt resistor of 0. Color Archiving — Copies screen in color using a wide range of digital plotters or printers.

For ex- ample, it is possible to perform the integration of an averaged waveform or the multiplication of a differen- tiated waveform.

I know I said there was no visible damage, but I started to look at what might affect all channels, and decided to start at the BNCs and work my way back, following the signal on my other scope as I went. Summed Averaging consists of the repeated addition with equal weight of recurrences of the selected source waveform. To ensure maximum timing accuracy even for measurements be- janual channelsthe ADCs are driven simultaneously with a high-precision time base.

The difference time reading must be within 9. Se- lection on both line up to and field number up to 8 is possible. A high level disables the outputs. LeCroy Manuals The manual should be close enough to get you started as it is ldcroy the dual trace version. Any board can be removed only if any items higher in the diagram and connected by mxnual line are already out.

I DS Set the trigger: Multiplicative constant on input: All the rotary knobs must be removed, which means taking off all the caps careful, soft plastic and loosening the screws and nuts. LeCroy Sari 01 Germany: The voltage Vout at the capacitor C74 and C75 in circuit represents the current spot position, and Vin the final spot position at the end of a vector to be drawn. Or am I off and its a resistor?

Acquired and processed waveforms can be down-loaded to a computer and can later be retrieved and displayed on the oscilloscope. Teledyne LeCroy — Product Manuals — Oscilloscopes The error status is represented in a hexadecimal number, for each acquisition condition. Autostore — Waveforms can be automati- cally stored to the card after every acquisition. For an NIST calibration, follow the janual linearity test procedure using a calibrated and certified high precision better than 0.

The cycle will then be exactly the same. Only 0VL1 and 0VL2 are effective on this front-end 2 channels. Up to MHz. If any parts need to be changed on the board F, the plastic front panel must be separated from the board. They may not be the problem but at some point they will be. It provides high ledroy and wide-band spectrum analysis together with sophisticated win- dow functions and fast processing.

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LeCroy 9410 Remote Control Manual

Bram The memory is in use: In order to improve the efficiency, the switching frequency of the regulator is automatically adjusted to the self-resonant frequency of the high voltage transformer which is about 80 kHz. Lutronic, Eastern Europe: In order to generate a constant spot velocity intensity over the screen, there are two rate controlled integrators, one for the Manuql and one for the Y axis. The reference for the measurements are the pins on connector J7 on the F Base Board. Teledyne LeCroy — Product Manuals — Oscilloscopes Ammo, 03 itaiv: Or at least steer me in the general direction of good places to prod first, which you have Plug the mains cable back into the outlet and wait for the scope to turn on. To compensate for this, the reference point of the regulator is increased proportional to the current drawn.

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LeCroy ZD200 Manuals & User Guides


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