As a web designer and developer, must of the information mentioned here are not new. But I learned a lot of this book, and I revised a lot of things that I have forgotten by time. I like books with exercises, it enables you to test what you learned in real world projects. This book contains a lot of exercises and Test-Your-Self at the end of each chapter. With a pen and a piece of paper, answering these tests means that you are done learning the theoretical Finally I finished reading this book.

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Fifth Edition est. The book is also an excellent reference guide for intermediate-level web designers who want to fine tune their skills. Collins, Amazon. The exercises are easy and you only need a good text editor. An excellent resource for novices who want to learn web design, and for experienced users who want to update their skills.

Obregon, Nikonians "As you can see from the contents, this is a nuts and bolts text that teaches the proper coding of websites and emphasizes best practices and web standards. It is quite up-to-date and presents very modern web building practices. Even those who have built sites in the past will find this an excellent refresher that will bring web skills into the 21st century As both a training text and a basic reference book Learning Web Design is an excellent resource that will give those who actually use it a solid foundation in modern web page building practices.

This new edition will equip readers from all backgrounds with the skills they need to create original, multi-column CSS layouts with optimized graphic files As a complete beginner and very conscious of feeling like I was behind the technological wave, I was pleasantly surprised to understand and put into practice the tips and tools listed Developers or designers who are new to writing HTML, or individuals who are simply looking for a refresher book should look no further.

The author takes the reader through the whole process of creating a web site: from HTML, to adding style elements, to basic graphics considerations, to more advanced topics.

This is a very well thought out, thorough book. Frankly, I was surprised at the depth of material included in this book. In addition to an excellent CSS reference, the author goes into more advanced topics, including the CSS box model, what exactly is Unicode, and even how to create web graphics. The addition of this extra material will satisfy advanced readers, but also give beginning HTML coders something to work up towards.

She asked me if I knew of any good books to get her started. I mean, 3e It looks so beautiful Even after seeing all the PDFs, I was not prepared to be this blown away by the real thing. Basic terms are defined, usage explained, and examples provided Technologies are explained and diagrammed and every aspect of front-end web technology is presented.

Clear explanations of web design elements are amply illustrated with code examples. Tips, suggestions, notes and warnings supplement the text nicely. This volume is not a tutorial or a training tool for the person new to web design and coding web pages. It is an excellent reference for anyone working with web development technologies.


Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to Html, Css, Javascript, and Web Graphics



Jennifer Niederst Robbins



Jennifer Robbins




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