As a result it is extremely important to be able to demonstrate competence when assigning a risk rating to a water system. All of Aqua Legion UK Ltd risk assessors are competent to conduct risk assessments on the buildings they are assigned to manage. Our ACOP L8 legionella risk assessments and commitment to BS ensures the risk rating is derived by assessing the following:- The actual and potential risk for Legionella bacteria to colonise and proliferate in the system. The actual and potential risk for the Legionella to be disseminated in an aerosol form. The actual and potential risk for susceptible individuals to be exposed. Further to this, the effectiveness of the control and preventative measures in place are assessed along with the effects of out of line situations on the risk levels, the management structure and communication structure as minimum.

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By continuing to browse this site, you give consent for cookies to be used. Each asset has a monitoring schedule PPM , each PPM has specific testing requirements, each test has control limits and out of specification results produce non-conformities. Fail safe control. Held in the cloud our system allows access for consultants, service providers and building operators allowing effective co-operation and tight control.

A test specific job sheet for every user! Web users are not limited so everyone with allocated tasks can have access. Helping you to provide an effective Legionella logbook and demonstrate that controls are in place and any non-conformities tracked by both building operators and service providers. For clients with large sites or large numbers of smaller sites the reduction in printing can be very significant. Every task held in L8MS-Manage can be allocated to a responsible person, these tasks can then be selected for transfer to any Android based device v2.

Each user can select the site or sites they wish to complete using WiFi or Mobile 3G connections and download the tasks to the device for completion off-line You seldom get good internet in basements. Uses include identifying little used outlets, an iButton is installed on the hot water supply to a wash hand basin. The iButton records the temperature every few minutes for a week, if the WHB is used temperatures will peak, if not they will flat line.

Set to monitor temperatures every minutes an iButton fitted to a cold water storage tank outlet could record temperatures across all four seasons. More Information L8MS - Online Training L8MS specialise in offering bespoke on-site training courses and accredited qualifications, however sometimes geographical or time constraints make online training a very useful option that can deliver the content at any time to suit your demands.


Legionnaires' disease. The control of legionella bacteria in water systems

Heat[ edit ] The more expensive[ citation needed ] of these two options is temperature control—i. The high cost incurred with this method arises from the extensive retrofitting required for existing complex distribution systems in large facilities and the energy cost of chilling or heating the water and maintaining the required temperatures at all times and at all distal points within the system. For systems with marginal issues, chlorine provides effective results at 0. For systems with significant Legionella problems, temporary shock chlorination—where levels are raised to higher than 2 ppm for a period of 24 hours or more and then returned to 0.


Legionella and Legionnaires' disease

Scroll to top WTS response to Covid As a responsible organisation we have robust Business Continuity Plans in place to ensure business as usual whatever the circumstance. In response to Covid, our aim is to ensure continued operations whilst protecting both our people and our clients. To this end we have initiated a number of practical measures that will allow us to continue to support our clients in the most appropriate way. Rest assured that we are making every effort to prevent or minimise any impact on our services during this public health challenge.

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