Liften KONE liften voor het vervoer van personen en goederen in diverse typen gebouwen. Bekijk ze hier. Interieur ontwerpen Discover how KONE DX Class elevators help you bring your design vision to life and create an elevator experience that helps your building connect with people and make a lasting impression. Ontdek de mogelijkheden! TravelMaster roltrap Bekijk hier alle informatie over de KONE TravelMaster en krijg direct toegang tot de brochures, onze handige roltrapconfigurator en bestekservice.

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Governments across the world are taking significant and increasing measures to contain the COVID outbreak by restricting the movement of people.

The extent of the measures varies from one country to another and the situation changes on a daily basis. In Q1, the restrictions have been the most severe in China, but there KONE has already seen significant recovery after the loosening of the restrictions since end of February. In the rest of the world, the measures have recently been increasing significantly. Our priority is to ensure the health and wellbeing of our people and to minimize impact to customers.

We are taking strong actions to manage the situation both at the local and global levels and following the instructions from the local governments and health authorities. Our robust global supply chain and global product platforms are the key enablers in mitigating the impacts to our customers. We have altogether 13 manufacturing units in nine countries and multiple distribution centers and suppliers across the globe.

We are leveraging our global delivery chain to mitigate the challenges and restrictions in individual countries. Overall, our delivery capabilities have recovered well in China since February and have been relatively stable in other countries. KONE expects increasing impacts to its business.

KONE now estimates that in , its sales will decline or be stable at best at comparable exchange rates as compared to The rate of decline in sales will depend on the duration and severity of the government measures and the pace of recovery. The adjusted EBIT margin is expected to decline somewhat or to be stable at best. Despite the short term disruptions to its business, KONE expects to come out of the demanding situation in a position of strength.

KONE also has a solid order book and the overall outlook for the service business is positive. We have now published Episode 4. You can find all episodes here. Latest releases.

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