Grok The great gloss called Nyyaya deepa on the wonderful workof Tarka tandava of Sri Vyasa Raja Gurusarvabhaumaru is so exquisite that it melts one heart and makes onedance with joy. I just happened to stumble onto this bhsjane and see that Ms. Also, the author does not merely stop to say that the loving glance of the Lord as said in the Dadi Vamana Stotra — Chandrakoti Susheetalam protect the Devas and the Bhoosuras virtuous people but also without wasting any time protect us also. This is called Parikara alankaara. Kindly let me know how to get the malayalam version of alll these slokams. Congrats for your commendable job!

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Samumuro Thanks a Lot Mr Lakshman. I know very little Bengali, but not sure if she sings Bengali. Those of us who live overseas this is an oasis. Thankyou very much, I am extremely thankful to you. Mantra nivasini mantra swaroopini Aadilakshmi mai doramma………. Rama Bhajane Mado Some charaters might be incorrect. Due to time constraints, some are just in Kannada. Keep up the good work. Posted by Lakshman on March 11, at 4: Dear Meera madam, One of you visitors had requested for this particular shloka.

Lyrics Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu My email is imriaporsche gmail. Posted by Ram on August 31, at 7: First of all thanks for a fabulous work you are doing to bring together all the Hindu pooja Vidhana and Songs. Please check if this problem persists at your end. Thank you so much for all your efforts. If you need the lipi in any other language please leave a comment there… i will do what i can. I really dont know how to express… Her music reflects full range from beautiful to sublime.

You can than convert into your native languages. Thank your Uncle also on my behalf. I am trying to find Asta Lakshmi Stotra lyrics starts like this Mangala roopini mangala dayini sarva mangale baaramma. I wnat to know, you have the kannada lyrics of Sri Vadiraja Kavacha song — smarane madiro sode vadirajara. I need it very urgently.

For reading about, 54 village gods of Tamil Nadu: The chandra vamsha was exhilerated because of the Lord telling the song celestial to Arjuna which destroys the sins of those who read the same and while Sri Raghavendra Gurusaarvabhaumaru wrote vivrithi the hamsa vamsa felt honoured similarly Hamsa in one context means sanyasis in another aspect can be taken as soorya and hence soorya vamsha also felt glad.

Thanks for your patience. I am really grateful for this. After her marriage in she moved to Udupi, the famous pilgrimage center of Dakshina Kannada, where her musical talents were honed to perfection by famous singers like Rajya Prasasthi Vijeta, Sri Ho. This is a great work what you have been doing and please go on untill the end so.

I usually add lyrics images as well to make it clear. The Saint had written works superseding Appayya Diskhitar who had written works. Or just listen to it online. Guruvina gulaamanaaguvatanakaa… has to be remembered over here. Posted by Sharma Pawan on December 21, at 4: The hardship taken by you to keep this good job going cannot be expressed by mere words. Posted by vijayalakshmi on December 3, at 8: Your blog is so interesting with lots of information about Rayaru, madhwacharya etc. Can someone help me by sending Kannada lyrics for Nama ramayana of MS fame … which goes shudhdha brahma paratpara ram.

He was a genius and awesome kannada song writer. Can you please send the lyrics of govinda namo govinda namo narayana which is sung by Vidyabhushana and also of yeh savi yeh yeh savi hari nama sung by Sheshagiridasaru. Guruvaara banthamma guru vaara banthamma rayara nenayamma guru rayara neneyamma smarana marthradhali glesha kaledhu sathgathiya koduvanamma guru.

I am not able to get the exact pronunciation with the english version of this. Posted by Lakshman on April 9, at 7: Shloka 6 Srimatpoornaprabodhaprakatithapadaveedhavibhedhaavidheemat Senaabaaseeraseemaa samudithaviditaabaadayodhaadi netha maayaasiddhaanta deekshaavighatanaghatana sarvatantra svatantrah sriraamavyaasadaaso vilasati vibhudeendraabhidah samyameendrah The poet next eulogises the 11th pontiff of matha, Sri Vibhudendra tirtha.

Posted by Lakshman on December 28, at Would you be kind enough to post the lyrics of the Arati song in English script?

Sarvadha maasthu sandeho, Hari sakshi jagatpati, Ya karoth yathra sandeham, sa yathi narakam dhruvam. In short let bhwjane be blessed to be thinking about your feet always. He has other great materials as well please take a look it might help Here is a link: The links to these are:. TOP Related Posts.


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