When they wake up it is to find that they have all been robbed of their valuables. Later, while on holiday at the seaside, Jo, Zette and Jocko, playing in a rowing boat, get lost at sea when a thick fog comes down. Rescued by a submarine , they are taken to a secret undersea base where a mad scientist has plans for the two young children. But their problems are far from over. They have to deal with cannibals , modern-day pirates , an erupting volcano , gangsters , the media and there is still the mad scientist who wants them for his evil plans. It will go to the builders of the first aeroplane to fly from Paris to New York at kilometres per hour.

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It stars a young boy, Jo, his sister, Zette, and their pet chimpanzee Jocko. So they asked him to create a series around an actual family with a father, mother, brother, sister and a pet. While the series did enjoy some success it never reached the same popularity of Tintin or Quick and Flupke.

He cancelled the series after only five stories because he felt limited by the cast. The parents always had to be written in the story to look after their children, or at least referenced at regular intervals. He preferred Tintin who at least could do whatever he wanted, without worried parents coming after him. Due to Author Existence Failure the series is cancelled forever. Advertisement: The Stratoship H first published in "Mr.

Badass Family : The Legrands. The son, Jo, can fly a plane or drive an underwater tank. The daughter, Zette, always escapes when she is kidnapped and sometimes she even manages to capture her adult abductors. The father does not hesitate to attack the base of pirates.

Yet, the powerhouse of the family is Jocko, the chimp, who fights with the bad guys as soon as he sees them and always has the upper hand. Only the mother does not have any badass trait. Cool Pet : Jo and Zette own a pet chimpanzee. Five-Man Band : The Legrands. Jo is The Leader. He decides to fly the stratoship, he decides to escape from the pirate base with an underwater tank Zette is The Lancer.

She generally follows her brother, but is a bit more careful. Mr Legrand is The Smart Guy. He designs planes, he builds bridges Jocko is The Big Guy. In spite of his size, he is always ready to fight with the bad guys and always has the upper hand.

He is less clever than the other members and he is mute. Mrs Legrand is The Chick. She is not involved in the action, but she cares for the other members. Flat Character : Apart from Jocko, who is a mischievous monkey, the entire main cast is just generic in every other way. Nothing stands out about them. Incorruptible Pure Pureness : Jo and Zette are decent and nice children. Kid Hero : Jo and Zette, who are brother and sister. Mischief-Making Monkey : Jocko. His targets are mainly the bad guys, but other characters can suffer his mischief too.

Their other four albums are both two-parters. No Name Given : The first name of the mother is never known. Omnidisciplinary Scientist : Mr Legrand is an omnidisciplinary engineer, although he seems to have a focus on structural design.

In The Stratoship H, he designs a plane. In The Secret Ray, he examines an underwater tank. In The Valley of the Cobras, he builds bridges. Pintsized Powerhouse : Jocko always has the upper hand on the bad guys he fights with. In the end of The Secret Ray, he takes a microphone and talks on the radio, but in a monkey language that only the monkeys of the zoo understand.

There are several continuity nods in both series: In Mr. In The Eruption of the Karamako, the new director of Cosmos Pictures tries to talk with Zette to make her sign a contract. In Tintin: The Castafiore Emerald , the eponymous Milanese Nightingale mentions that the gossip press once incorrectly announced her engagement to the Maharajah of Gopal, who is a major character in The Valley of the Cobras. The Stratoship H provides examples of: Almost Dead Guy : Werner outlives a car accident just long enough to confess everything.

Almost Out of Oxygen : During the test flight, one of the portholes of the stratoship gets loose and Mr Legrand and the pilot are out of oxygen. Balloonacy : Happens to Jocko when he is accidentally taken away by a weather balloon. Banana Peel : Jocko eats many bananas on the S.

Oceanic and the cook steps and a peel and falls. Bound and Gagged : Zette is bound and gagged in the ambulance. Jo is bound and gagged by the thieves in the living room. Cassandra Truth : Nobody believes Jo when he tells that the airfield will be bombed.

Continuity Nod : In Mr. Damsel out of Distress : Zette is kidnapped by Charlie and Werner, but she manages to escape by herself. Death Equals Redemption : Werner has a car accident and he is going to die.

He asks to talk to Mrs Legrand, he confesses everything and he begs her pardon. Deserted Island : Jo and Zette have to land on one with the stratoship because they are out of fuel.

Disney Death : Jo is shot at close range. He is seen unconscious on the ground, but he survives. He is supposed to be dead, but he was actually rescued by fishermen. Eccentric Millionaire : Mr Pump who is a speed freak and who makes a goofy will. Emergency Refuelling : Jo and Zette are out of fuel in the stratoship, so they have to land on a Deserted Island.

Later, they are out of fuel again and they land on the ice field of the North Pole. Falling into the Cockpit : Jo falls in the cockpit of the stratoship because he wants to prevent it from being bombed.

Hero Stole My Bike : Jo steals the caravan of Romani to go to Paris to tell his father about the bombing of the airfield. The caravan is totally destroyed by a train. In the end, Jo brings a brand-new caravan to the Romani. Mr Legrand, the pilot and the director fall asleep on the day they have to go to New York with the stratoship, because they drank drugged champagne.

Mysterious Note : The director receives a letter which pretends that Mr Legrand is a traitor. Later, he receives another one which tells that the stratoship was sabotaged. Not the Fall That Kills You : Jocko survives a fall from a great height because he lands on a mattress.

Obstructive Bureaucrat : The warden of the Deserted Island. He asks Jo and Zette their permit for landing there. Police are Useless : The policemen who guard the airfield do not believe Jo when he tells them that it will be bombed.

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony : There is a ceremony for the completion of the stratoship with a champagne bottle breaking. His nephews get only a timer, unless nobody can build such plane within one year. Tempting Fate : A policeman tells he cannot imagine how the bad guys could reach the stratoship, unless they have wings.

The bad guys are actually planing to bomb the airfield with a plane. Tricked Into Signing : Jo and Zette are signing autographs after crossing the Atlantic Ocean, when unbeknownst to them they sign a prewritten confession saying they departed from the Azores instead of Paris.

The C48 plane is also sabotaged and Mr Legrand is framed up for this. The stratoship is sabotaged during his test flight: a porthole gets loose. She has to race back to the surface. Applied Phlebotinum : The technology used by the pirates: the V-ray that stops the engines of the ships, the Knockout Gas and the Agony Beam.

Agony Beam : The Mad Scientist has a device that looks like a flashlight. It inflicts pain remotely to the people he targets with it.

The underwater tanks are equiped with a similar device. Bad Boss : The Mad Scientist mistreats his henchmmen. He is prompt to use his Agony Beam against them. The captain of the submmarine does not dare to go back to the base without Jo and Zette, because he is afraid that the scientist could kill him.

Banana Peel : Tom steps on a banana peel when he is chasing Jocko. Later, he steps on another at the top of stairs. Another pirate steps on the same peel a bit later. Barrier-Busting Blow : Jo and Zette think they are safe behind a reinforced metal door, but the robot easily breaks through it. Big Applesauce : A part of the story is set in New York.

The Statue of Liberty is visible in a panel. Bound and Gagged : Zette when she is kidnapped by two gangsters in New York. They are chased by them and they take refuge in the underwater tank. Collapsing Lair : The underwater base after the Mad Scientist smashed a porthole. Jo, his father and several sailors have to go out of it before getting drowned.







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