Son los conductos del aparato reproductor masculino. Se encargan de proporcionar los fluidos necesarios para lubricar el sistema de conductos. Se divide en dos partes: el cuerpo y el glande. Los espermatozoides se dividen en dos partes bien digerenciadas. Hernia inguinal La hernia inguinal es un trastorno que se caracteriza por protuberancias en la ingle, afectando en ocasiones al escroto. Fimosis La fimosis se conoce como el estrechamiento del prepucio, de forma que al hombre le resulte muy complicado, e incluso doloroso, destapar el glande.

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Shakinos Surrounding the vestibular vagina there is a glandular epithelium, the lobular accessory gland, found only in ixodid ticks 4.

Morphological characterization of the ovary and oocytes vitellogenesis of the tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus Latreille, Acari: In the present paper, the female genital system of this tick has been considered as a whole and morphological and functional interrelations between different structures and also some other related items has been presented. It is conspicuous the likeness of the images in all photographs and this fact discards the possibility of being a histological technic artifact.

Spermatids suffer a capacitation inside the seminal receptacle in order to complete maturation; already mature cells are called spermiophores Fig. Ixodidae and its potential significance for fertilization. Central structures of female genital system Oviducts: The knowledge of these subjects is very important as a basic tool in all species in relation to morphological sciences and evolution, physiological events like ovulation, sexual behavior, maturation and mating, and also to research the interrelation tick-hemoparasite.

In these images, all structures seem to be surrounded by circulatory sinus in fact they were never shown in images of B. Different authors 1,2,3,4 have made a full description of this organ.

Schneider I, Rudinsky JA. The male bends its capitulum toward the female genital aperture and then introduces its chelicerae which protrude out of its shafts into the female genital pore 18,19, 20 ; both hypostome and palps briefly touch the surface of the female, receptors on the palps mediate pheromone perception, these sensilla are concentrated on the fourth segment of the palp on hard ticks Copulation in ixodid ticks.

The histological structure of ovary with oocytes and pedicel cells is shown in reproodutor 6 and 7. The anatomy and histology of the female genital system in Boophilus microplus are scarcely studied. When not alarelho use, the organ is retracted within the anterior region of the body near the capitulum. Mating strategies and spermiogenesis in reproduyor ticks.

Services on Demand Journal. Oxford, ; pp. Histologically, the testis of immature males shows seminiferous ducts with round egg-shaped forms. Morphological description of the ovary and of vitellogenesis. Se emplearon hembras no alimentadas y parcialmente ingurgitadas.

In this paper the authors give an anatomical and histological analysis of the male reproductive system of Pomacea canaliculata Lamarck, An anatomical view of one of TAG is shown in Fig. Mem Entomol Soc South Africa.

In their lumens we could notice masses of cells that will originate spermatozoids. The anatomy and histology of the female genital system in Boophilus microplus are scarcely studied; only it is possible to refer to articles about alarelho and fertilization 8,9 and studies of the ovary by Saito et al.

Histologic technic and practical histochemistry methods. In the cervical vagina Fig. The male takes the ectospermatophore with its chelicerae by the neck of the sac and introduces it into the female genital pore Dissection of tick specimens was performed with an original method 13 allowing a faster and secure procedure that could be done in 10 to 15 minutes per tick with a great percentage of success and without loss of genital structure parts.

Aparelhi and semen transport Male climbs over masulino back of the female and then slide down beneath the couple looking for the genital pore 18,19 and put itself venter to venter with the female, grasping it with its legs Fig. A seminal receptacle, absent in argasids 3,4 as well as the uterus, open also in the cervical vagina. It is in communication with the cervical vagina by means of an epithelial folded muscular tube: Rev cub Cienc agric.

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