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It is really a blessing" - C. Condon Westerlund. Oregon USA. Hazarath Tajuddinbaba In the recent history of both Islamic and Hindu mysticism of India to , Hajarat Baba Tajuddin Aulia of Nagpur has been one of the most outstanding mystics of his time. Pujya master explains in his article "The Great Four", about the four great mahatmas and the divine mission carried out by them in perfect harmony.

One of them is Hazarath Tajuddin Baba of Nagapur. Sri Sainatha Prabodhamruthamu Pujya Mastergaru presents the life and teachings of Sri Shirdi sainath to the depth of his very word and movement.

Culling out the profound lessons embedded in the life and sayings of Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi this book embarks on the quest for the meaning of life and shows how a True Master Samartha Satguru is Both the Way and the Goal.

According to Pujya Masterji, if Saileelamrutham Saibaba The Master may be compared to the compound wall of a temple, this book is akin to the very idol of the Lord, in the inner Sanctum Sanctorum.

As the scripture explains the spiritual life of Mila repa event by event, it gives the most important points useful for the sadhaka. Pujya Milarepa stands as an icon of gurubhakthi and praised for his matchless preceverence.

He is praised by the gurus and saint before his birth and ofcouse after him by many mahatmas. Swamy lived in Hugli in Karnataka. Bharadwaja has elaborated the Avatarana of Lord Dattatreya and the great leelas of the first two incarnations of Lord Dattatreya. The stotras praying and describing the lives of these Avataras were given. Lives of the mahatmas and sishyas who were blessed with spiritual lives by Lord Dattatreya were given. The book describes the Dattakhsetras, there mahima , places to see in the Kshetras.

It is a must read book for the devotees who are visiting the all important Dattakshetras. Sri Saimaster Pravachanamulu Pujya Mastergaru has written in depth view of sishya in terms of his thinking and the attitudes he bears. He gives great clarity in various aspects of guru-sishya relation, explaining how to deal with the innate problems that come up while doing seva and interacting with others. This book also explains the essence of nishta, saburi, ananya chintana and other important aspects.

Yochana-Bhavodrekalu, Jeevithame sadhana chapters present the common aspects that one has to deal with and gives the aspirant a good preparation to deal with them correctly. Besides it throws light on the behaviour and nature of a Sadguru like Sai Baba towards various incidents and situations in the lives of devotees. Pujya Master, thanks to his kindness towards us, explains, what devotees would have done for their betterment and what should be the ideal behaviour of a devotee in that particular incident of his live.

He knows every thing that is presented by the lives of great saints. In this view, he is the perfect Master who can educate any aspirant with the ideal path. This book explains different ways and paths of sadhana giving the useful meaning and the way of practice.

Pujya Master teaches how to perceive Affection, Beauty, how to practice Meditation, Breathing, Nama, Japa and many more important spiritual practices. Purushasuktha Rahasyamu Modern aspirants often get to the question, "Why the ultimate energy or consciousness which is hither to responsible for the whole creation, is called God and in other related terms? The consciousness which is responsible for the creation, expresses itself in this diversified creation.

In it, Each body or form of life has its extraordinary, complex and yet orderly arrangement. In other words, Jeevaathma is that Purusha. Realizing this is Jnana. This book will give the logical understanding and the spiritual sadhana to attain that. Sainathat Pooja Sainatha pooja establishes the correct way of doing pooja while giving meanings for all the vedic namas of the god uttered in pooja. Pujya Mastergaru presents the objective of doing pooja and the right bhavam needed by the aspirant destined to the ultimate goal.

This great little book has the namavali written by Pujya Mastergaru. Sainatha pooja also comes with Morning prayer written by Pujya Mastergaru, which is for setting the devotees attitude for the whole day. The book also clears many common doubts of the bhakthas for performing pooja.

Pari Prasna Pujya Master has given answers to many questions from several devotees on various topics related to daily life and spirituality. In answering them Pujya Master has dissolved many criptic doubts and has corrected people in various aspects.

This book explains the way of doing satsangamu. The instruction to be followed such as simplicity,timing and many other aspects are clearly explained. The schedule and the order of parayana to be done in satsangamu were put forth. Pujya Master elaborates the good results the satsangamu can bring to us and tells how special effort should be taken to avoid any differences between devotees. Shiridi Aaarathulu Pujya Master says that Baba will speciallly bless those who will do Aarathi everyday.

In leasure time, each line and the meaning given under should be read. By doing that, slowly we learn to do aarathi with bhava of talking to baba face to face. By doing so, Baba direct presence will be experienced, devotees who went to shirdi will get the feeling of being in shirdi, thus all of us will be attending aarthi at shirdi.

Furthur in the book, Pujya Master garu explains other great benifits of doing Aarathi. In this booklet Pujya Master explains the reasons why one should pray Sri Saibaba. Devotees should know these very basic and important points and learn the nature of god and the devotion to be had towards him. This man is carrying water today, but he is not an ordinary fellow.

Pujya Acharya Sri E. Bharadwaja shows the importance of Shirdi for an aspirant. This is also a tour guide for every devotee to best utilize the time at the holy place and presents hourly schedule to be followed to get the maximum spiritual benefit of the tour. Sri Sainatha Stvanamanjari Shirdi sainath maharaj is the greatest mahatma and many aspirants have turned to him for spiritual upliftment.

He has blessed many people with devotional and spiritual life. One such direct devotee is Sri Dasganu alias Sahasra Buddhe. Saibaba has slowly turned his devotion, hither-to somewhat fickel-minded in response, into a better spiritual life and blessed him with samkeertana and seva of true kind. Later Dasganu Maharaj has done immense service to Sai-tatwa and one of his works is this book, Sri Sainatha Stvanamanjari.

With Pujya Acharya Sri E. Seshagiri Rao has translated it into Telugu. They will have spiritual effects on the mind and hearts of the eligible aspirants. They can rise an awakening at the very place where the mind and buddhi come from i.


Sri Guru Charitra By Ekkirala Bharadwaja



Ekkirala Bharadwaja



Shri Guru Charitra


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