Dougis I loved loved loved this book!!!!!! Log-in to write a review or add a video review. Sadie is a lawyer who just lost the case of a lifetime and gairy ruined everything. It feels like it kind of just ends in the middle of the story. Expecting a bad, leather clad biker boy, imagine her surprise when the man waiting for her is clean cut, handsome and looks rather like a lawyer. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Miller knows how to write anything but a wonderful story. Its proven again to me. What a horrible time in Sadies life. Everything she has worked for is gone over one lousy case. Shes come to the decision that she just needs a one night stand and sets it up. When she gets to her room, its not long before Jace, the soon to be crowned King of Fairyville is joining her. An experience of a lifetime for Sadie. I cant get enough of Ms. Millers writing.

Never is there any disappointment in her writing. You, Ms. Miller, are magic in your writing. Well the answer came so clear to Sadie after seeing a note on her assistants desk, which turned out to be a site that offers one night stands. As she gets to the hotel she is nervous, then her date arrives. Jace has always had a thing for humans, but in a week he will have to let it go and Summary: Whats a girl to do after a month of everything going wrong? Jace has always had a thing for humans, but in a week he will have to let it go and become the king of the fairies.

Jace tells Sadie he is a fairy. Sadie draws him like no other. Within minutes of her oh so responsive reactions to his ministrations of pleasure he feels a deeper connection, that of a mate. My Thoughts: Gracen Miller has one smokin hot sexy read here. I have to say, i was wishing i knew a fairy man just from reading this short story. Give me a guy with wings any day, or maybe i can attach some to a guy.

I have to say, this was one steamy ride I did not want to get off. This is one read you will want to pick up and make sure you read it at night.

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Fairy Casanova






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