Biography[ edit ] Dr. Santoso received his B. After receiving his Ph. Early career[ edit ] From to , Dr. He was the lead developer for a number of intelligent systems algorithms used in power systems with applications in power quality and protection. In addition, he carried out a wide variety of power systems studies in generation, transmission, and distribution systems.

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The textbook is designed for a one-semester upper-level undergraduate and first-year graduate course on electric power quality and harmonics. Subject matters include concepts of power quality phenomena, voltage sags and momentary interruptions, voltage sag analysis, transient overvoltage phenomena, and power systems harmonics.

This text comes with numerous examples and end-of-chapters problems. Fairly easy to read and well-organized. Has a lot of good example problems.

A good textbook for an undergraduate power quality course. Recomended book for fundamentals By Juan Camilo Toro on Jun 15, I had the opportunity to study "Electric Power Quality" following this book and I have to say it is very understandable, with such a good descriptions of the phenomena and helpful excercises. Very recomended! Excellent book. I used it as a textbook for teaching power quality in graduate school. By Andres Saavedra on Jan 20, An excellent balance between the fundamentals and application of the concepts presented in the book.

Each chapter includes several practical and illustrative examples and a number of updated references. Very easy to read and understand. This book creates a solid knowledge of the subject of power quality. THis book is very helpfull, very nicely laid out, easy to understand and is a clear link between theoretical and practical issues. Do not hesitate get it. This is a good book, but could stand to use some solutions By Adam on Dec 12, This is a good book, but could stand to use some solutions to the questions that are presented throughout.

Most likely this is a book that the author uses while teaching a class. Great book. Tough class, and there does not seem to be any type of solutions or help manual out there. However, the book is new, and the material is specialized Excellent book on power quality By Dimitrios Thiakos on May 17, This book is a great balance between conceptual and mathemetical descriptions of power quality problems. Great fundamental book on electric power quality By Calc on Oct 01, This book is a great start into the relevant and fascinating world of electric power quality.

It has numerous, highly educational and relevant end-of-chapter problems on electric power quality topics. The book is very readable and provides insight into why electric power quality matters to most utilities in the U.

Topics include reliability indices, electric power quality related phenomena and their description, voltage sag and its causes, harmonic analysis, capacitor switching, passive harmonics filtering, only to name a few.

I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn about the fundamentals of electric power quality. I would imagine when the book was placed in its packaging, the bottom right corner of the book got caught on the envelope, bent back and remained that way during shipment which probably got worse with shipping.

Covers several topics that are not covered in lower acedemic classes. Great speed and quality By Lianfei Shan on Sep 28, The delivery was very fast and the condition of the book was perfect. Not a single thing to complain about. I took two of Dr. This particular edition is in a Paperback format.

It was published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.

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