This was a third-dimensional perspective of life that is conditioned by identification with whatever the mind projects as real. After interviewing many thousands of awakening ones in Satsang intensives around the world, Nadeen has found that there is now emerging a clear pattern in his explanation of what actually happens when seekers become finders. Most important of all, This Shift is happening now! When From Onions to Pearls came gushing through my pen, I was still in a federal penitentiary at the very beginning of my own wake-up call, still in the bliss-ninny stage of my rapture. The only words available to me were those that described my own personal waking-up experience. Maybe that was interesting to some seekers, but what if this was only an isolated event, brought on by harsh, violent, inhuman prison conditions that crush the ego but are totally unavailable to the ordinary seeker?

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In March of , Michael Clegg entered an overcrowded county jail near Jacksonville, Florida, convicted of the manufacture of an illegal drug called Ecstasy. He was held there for two years while awaiting sentencing. While in prison, he realized that a lifetime of spiritual searching had brought him no closer to the elusive state he was seeking, so he gave up trying. In surrender, he was overwhelmed with relief and bliss. On August 15, , Satyam Nadeen was released from a federal prison to reenter the world that Michael Clegg had left.

This book is an engrossing experience, It reminds us that we have made a complicated journey out of a simple truth — which can reveal Its Self anywhere. Just read the book and see what happens! You have nothing to lose but your struggle, anxiety, fatigue, frustration, ego-ridden pressures, and lack of zest for life.

Dallmann-Jones, Ph. Nadeen immediately perked my interest with the one thing that can keep me turning the pages — nonseriousness. He calls From Onions to Pearls a welcome-home letter, a comic book, a story tied to the cosmic joke of the human predicament. I wanted to know what had happened to this man, and now I was willing to get on the train to find out. The premise was certainly intriguing: At 54, a former Ecstasy dealer living high on the hog — private planes, boats, a mountain top in Costa Rica for a home — gets bagged by the DEA.

The Feds make it clear that they are going for life without parole. After finally being sentenced he spends three more years on Terminal Island near LA, originally a Navy brig for people, now a noisy chaotic hell with angry, violent men.

The bottom line: The shock and resulting contraction from that experience is so great that his identification with who he thinks he is is shattered, and Nadeen has an awakening. From that follows a period he calls the Deliverance, during which what he understood at the moment of awakening unfolds in daily life, as the layers of conditioning peel off.

The tone of the book can only be called exuberant. Pure glee at having gotten the ultimate joke suffuses every chapter. At the same time, for him everything is perfect just as it is. This theme of embracing what is — as is — saying yes to the leela of life — hums throughout the book and is so infectious that is starts to shift your space if you let it. Nadeen tells you why he thinks The Game was set up in the first place, about the balance of freedom and limitation that is always maintained in order to keep things going, and describes the role of Grace in awakening.

So why read this at all? Or you can use it to watch your suspicions, greed for enlightenment, confusion, yearning, cynicism, or judgement! I found it enjoyable to read his takes on various New Age concepts through the new-found lense of his awakening.

I particularly liked the short section on The Power of Positive Thinking. If the end result happens to turn out the same as the goal of all your positive thinking, then it only happened in spite of you, never because of you. And all those strong, clear, and positive affirmations you made were only the thoughts of Source anyway.

And I take my hat off to Nadeen; he wrote the whole thing in prison, under horrific conditions, without any assistance.


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Finders Keepers If you live long enough everyone eventually experiences enough disasters in their personal lives to qualify for what Zorba the Greek calls "the full catastrophe" that leads to a terrible depression. But there is a huge difference between a clinical depression and the dark night of the soul. There is only one way that I know of for Life to teach us its one absolute truth. First it has to totally destroy every other so-called truth that we think we already know. Add to that the realization that I call all of the truths we have ever learned before the Shift as mere concepts in the face of this one absolute truth. How does Life erase these countless concepts?


From Onions to Pearls



From Seekers to Finders


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