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Page 5: Outline 1 Outline Features - A host unit can be connected up to 31 inverters. The parameter specifications may differ for each unit type. Be sure to wire after power supply off. The inverter is always waiting the selecting writing request and polling reading request from the host unit. When the inverter receives a request frame from the host during waiting state and judges for it to be a correct receiving, the inverter processes for the request and returns an affirm response frame in a case of polling, returning the data together with the affirm response frame.

Page Negative Response Frame Negative response frame As for a response frame changing its length depending on the command sort, it is made basic to respond with the frame length specified by the command if the command sort character is normally recognized. Page Field Description Field description Data field Special added data 1st character 2nd character 3rd character 4th character Standard frame Option frame 1st character 2nd character 3rdt character 4th character All data except partial special data are treated with 16 bits length.

In the data field of communication frame, data use hexadecimal notation — Page Procedure On The Host Side Procedure on the host side As for the communication procedure of frames, follow the flow chart of each procedure. Be sure to send next frame after recognizing the response in both writing and reading. If response from the inverter does not return exceeding a definite time, judge as time-out and execute retry.

When stating retry before time-out, the request frame cannot be normally received. Time-out Command Send again with normal ACK response? Send again with normal Format error command. Cannot operate via this communication when connecting Command error? Cannot write during writing function data from link option Priority of link? Send again with normal Page Example Of Communication Example of communication Typical examples of communication are shown as follows.

The station address are made Page Communication Error Communication error The errors detected by inverter as relating to communication are roughly categorized into transmission error, logic error and communication interrupt error, and the treatment at detecting error differs respectively. At detecting the transmission error error codes 71 — 73 , the information using with a negative response frame is not performed. Page Functions Specific For Communication 5 Functions specific for communication To operate the inverters or to monitor the state via communication, the following functions are specifically available for communication in addition to the functions for parameter change of the inverters.

Page Function Data 5 When the operation command is instructed through the communication, the relation to the inverter terminal commands becomes as follows. Page Function Data Format 6 Function data format The data formats for various function data of the inverters are defined here. The data shall be prepared according to the following data format specifications. The instruction manual of inverter shall be referred to for the range and unit of data. Page Data Format Specification Data format specification All data within the data field of the communication frame except data format [19] shall be represented by ASCII code of 4 digits converted from 16 bits binary data length.

Page 30 Data format [9] Integer data Positive : Min. The reading and writing of function data and functions are possible in any time regardless the communication valid or invalid. Link function During communication is valid By means of the response interval time setting, it is possible to match the sending timing even with the host having slow processing speed.





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Fuji Electric frenic 5000g11s Instruction Manual


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