Marla started her internet mentoring system in , to help people get out of the CHAOS in their lives that she too had once suffered from. In March , she self-published her first book, Sink Reflections. She lives with her husband and their Blue-Tick hounddog and orange tomcat in Brevard, N. Read an Excerpt Chapter One Your First BabyStep-Where to Begin I was tempted to start by explaining why this book is different from all the other cleaning and organizing books that are now cluttering your bookshelves, being used to level the dining room table, or holding down a pile of clutter!

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Shelves: for-my-personal-library , non-fiction , home-economics I keep going back to this book again and again. Is the writing perfect? By no means. So, I thought I would just get the book and do an offline version myself.

My first problem is that her writing style is just awful. It feels like I originally found FlyLady online in a quest to get more organized at home, and at first I enjoyed her system.

It feels like regurgitated material, typos and all, along with testimonials from those who seem to look at FlyLady like some sort of organizational guru. Second, although she mentions frequently how little time you need - fifteen minutes here and there, an hour once a week - it adds up.

There are morning routines, mid-morning routines, early afternoon routines, late afternoon routines, evening routines, before bed routines You could easily spend hours every day working this system. It just felt like someone telling me this was how I needed to do it, and doing anything else was wrong.

For someone with no real place to start, and no other reference for keeping a home running, FlyLady may be a good resource. And I sincerely hope later editions were proofread, and the Comic Sans removed. This book is not for everyone, but it is GREAT for people like me whose perfectionism gets in the way of truly being productive around the house, and people described as SHEs "Sidetracked Home Executives" who have great intentions but are constantly distracted and sidetracked, moving from one thing to the next but never really getting anywhere.

I had a lot of big "light bulb" moments while reading this book - suddenly I understand why I have been feeling so frustrated and overwhelmed with things around the house. Along with helping me have some major realizations about myself, it offered great suggestions on getting organized and being productive, which I have been putting to use with great success.

Since reading this book I have been more productive than I have been in ages, because I am seeing things differently and doing things differently. This book helped me adopt a different mindset, and that has made all the difference in the world for me and my family Everyone in this house is happier now!


Sink Reflections




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