The expanded capacity is also expected to add stability to the existing employee base as it will further integrate the products manufactured at the plant site. Construction will commence in , and the plant will reach beneficial operation in mid During peak construction periods, up to contract employees with skills in welding, pipefitting, carpentry, electrical and instrumentation, as well as laborers, will be needed. Engineers and scientists from Sasol North America participated with an international team to design the unit, which will utilize the new technology on an industrial manufacturing scale. With current production of over , metric tons per year, Sasol is a major producer of comonomer range alpha olefins. The products impart special characteristics of elasticity and strength in plastic used in consumer products such as food packaging, bags, toys, automotive interiors, power cable coatings and more.

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Ethylene tetramerization: a new route to produce 1-octene in exceptionally high selectivities.




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