Free admission — donations welcome. Harnessing Inner Resources The ability to work with our emotions is the core of self-evolution. How can we work with them in a practical way? We are always struggling with things to do, with relations with people, and with health issues. To deal with these we need to expand and activate our inner resources, our psychological resources, our inner strengths. Which are these resources?

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Yozshukasa Five Senses: Presence and Movement. Register for an account. MeriRooms — Merigar Rooms to rent Nov 30, Often in our busy and interactive life absent mindedness takes over, and we become restlessness. Guarisdo life can easily turn into a stressful race or dull repetition of ourselves, in which we loose our true self and the safety, satisfaction and connection that give meaning to or life.

During the exercise we may be confronted with external and internal disturbances, for ellio external things perceived as discursive sounds and thoughts that hinder staying in the calm state. An expert instructor, Elio Guarisco, will guarisfo us with essential instructions on a path of practice, which will allow everyone to have a personal experience for a harmonious way of life. Hearing, seeing and the other senses are a way in which our mind escape into the complexity of untruthful representations of reality and story making drive.

Italiano Yantra Yoga Corso modulare in 3 week end. Welcome to Merigar December 9, Register for an account. Cinerary Sep 28, To sign up please fill out this form. Five Senses: Presence and Movement. Led by Elio Guarisco and Stoffelina Verdonk guraisco Cinerary Sep 28, MeriRooms — Merigar Rooms to rent Nov 30, In these weekend combining methods from the ancient Buddhist Tradition and their Intuitions applied in sitting and movement, we will learn how to find presence in the root of the experience of the inner and outer world: Welcome to Merigar December 9, 30 Jul 8, Italiano Racconti in biblioteca.

We learn to notice these disturbances in a simple way without trying to block them and without being drawn into them. Finding presence of mind and calm are psychological resources essential for our wellbeing. Awakening presence through the breathing How to Find Presence in Sound. But if we can find presence in the experience of the senses, we shift from the mental elil experience of reality, to a more concrete and direct relation to our world.

Thus rediscovering the innate presence inherent in our being and relate to the inner and outer world with a sense of wholeness and integration. In this way the mind becomes calm and relaxed, able to give full attention to the actions that are performed, thus becoming more efficient and making life easier. Led by Elio Guarisco and Stoffelina Verdonk. Remaining unperturbed and free from ups and downs, in the midst of the turbulence of life. Related Posts


The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Reading these teachings is a great inspiration and support for practice. Every word is a living Dharma that shines with their realization: reading them is like exploring the beautiful vast space. This sparked my curiosity, and I eventually decided to translate it in order to study its content and make it available in English. I have since come to realize that the Hidden Description of the Vajra Body is a unique work whose importance far exceeds its scanty notions of traditional Tibetan medicine. The translation of the text on the vajra body was undertaken at different moments over the last ten years, as my understanding of its content developed. The text is straightforward.


Elio Guarisco

The tantric path is often referred to as the indestructible way of secret mantra, the essence of which is the indestructible union of wisdom the understanding of emptiness and method immutable great bliss. This volume sets forth the various systems that constitute this path, both those of the ancient tantra tradition and of the new tradition. He broke through sectarian constraints and achieved a deep understanding of the the different philosophical approaches in Tibet. Never before has there been such a thorough and systematic exposition of the subject available in a Western language. Elio Guarisco and Ingrid McLeod have done an excellent job in translating this profound work to make it accessible to both scholars and practitioners. Finally we might know what we are doing!


The Treasury of Knowledge: Book Six, Part Four

He studied art and received a Master of Arts before traveling to India to study Buddhism. During this time Elio continued to actively collaborate with the Dzogchen Community and especially with the Shang Shung Institute in Italy, of which he is a founding member. He has completed several levels of the Santi Maha Sangha training, and became an authorized teacher of the base, first, and second level. Since , Elio has been one of the three principal translators for the Ka-ter project of the Shang Shung Institute of Austria.

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