It includes a hot water outlet which delivers hot water at different temperatures. To make cappuccinos and lattes in minutes by the push of one button, milk is siphoned from the one-gallon refrigerator on the side. Quick Fridge is a complete refrigeration unit with smaller dimensions and has great aesthetic impact. Its housing is made from lightweight yet hardwearing materials; the stainless steel door has a brushed finish and its storage capacity is equivalent to 4 liters.

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The user-friendly interface features a full colour display with large, easy to understand graphical items. This intuitive system also offers the option to upload images or videos as marketing tools during the screensaver mode. The large 5. The high tech features of this machine ensure this machine is always running efficiently and producing top quality coffee.

This bean to cup machine supports self adjusting grinders that use an algorithm to overcome external factors that effect the taste of the coffee such as storage and weather conditions. This algorithm ensures the brewing time stays consistent and each coffee is always served at the same high standard.

The stainless steel Dura-Brew group head boasts a revolutionary design with patented a hermetic closing system which helps to reduce running costs and lower maintenance demands.

The drink selection and cup size informs the automatic spout which adjusts the height accordingly to reduce mess and increase delivery accuracy. The Quick-Milk and Top-Milk models enable the creation of a wide range of barista style milk based drinks at simply the press of a button. This feature allows the barista to easily adjust the temperature and texture of the milk for the perfect drink creation.

The patented MLR Milk line Rinsing system ensures that bacteria risk is reduced with the rapid rinsing phase that is also energy efficient. Optional space saving fridges can be stored under the machine or under the counter and feature a precise milk lever sensor. The Top-Milk XP version of this Egro machine can also be fitted with a cold milk system which produces cold milk for creamy cold milk drinks, such as milkshakes, and low calorie desserts. With an ergonomically designed control knob and valve, this user has the option of open-stay and open-close functions.

Cool Touch technology is an optional feature designed to minimise the risk of scalding and allow for easier cleaning. The iSteam is an automatic steam wand that is capable of producing perfectly textured milk foam using a combination of steam and air.

This feature allows the user to create barista quality milk foam for cappuccinos of lattes at simply the press of a button. Each button allows customisation of the temperature, texture and volume of the milk. This high tech bean to cup coffee machine offer superior features that allow the user to produce high quality barista style coffees with ease.

The modern design of this machine gives it a professional aesthetic that would blend into any office, hotel, bar, or restaurant.


Egro ONE Touch Top Milk XP Superautomatic Commercial Espresso Machine (2422)

The well organized user friendly touchscreen showcases up to 48 drink selections across eight completely customizable pages. Features: Interface: The easy-to use user interface guides the barista through the choice of products. The multi-colored page system enables the barista to choose from 48 products, each one with its own attractive user-friendly icon. Restricted access technical menus offer the machine administrator a wide range of additional functions, such as precisely defining the ingredients of each individual drink, creating new drinks, checking machine consumption, running diagnostic checks and regularly cleaning the machine with step-by-step procedures shown on the display. The ONE Touch has an advanced user interface with a 5.


ONE Top Milk XP


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