Actually, to have any hope of getting an IKEA desk together properly, following the right order is extremely important. I guarantee that your upper body is compensating because of your knee pain. Again, order is important. Which area of the body you attack first plays directly into the sequencing of the E-cises in your menu. Starting with an exercise like Static Back, for example, would allow your upper body to settle in and un-rotate. The better your upper body is functioning, the better the lower body will function.

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When your muscles are functioning efficiently and are in balance from left to right, and from front to back, then they hold your body in good alignment. It starts from a very young age, when we sit for so long behind a desk at school, and later on as adults in offices, in cars and on sofas, combined with labour saving technologies plus the stresses and injuries that can occur in life.

All of this can cause our muscles to become less balanced and less efficient, resulting in postural misalignments. I believe the best way to improve this is to get those muscles more balanced and working more efficiently by doing specific posture correction exercises that stretch, strengthen and wake up certain parts of your body, so that your alignment is better, not just when you sit and stand, but in everything you do, without you even having to think about it!

These four exercises are not the whole solution, but they can be a good start. If one of them does, just skip it and move onto the next one. There are literally hundreds of posture correction exercises, all with different levels of intensity, and there will be some you can do comfortably.

Another thing I recommend before doing these exercises is just checking in with where your body is at. Is the weight distributed equally left to right, and front to back in your feet? How does your posture feel? Do you feel any tension or pain? Then do these four exercises and afterwards stand still again and ask yourself those same questions. Take care.


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