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He is known for his pioneering work on ecosystem ecologyand for his provocative proposals for additional laws of thermodynamics, informed by his work on general systems theory.

Howard Odum For Odum, as a large entity, the world constituted a revolving cycle with high stability. It presented a cogent argument for the limits of industrial growth. He therefore funded the research into the use of conventional economic approaches to quantify dollar values of ecological resources for recreational, treatment and other uses.

Howard T. Wiley-Interscience New York, N. Ecological ecologiecological engineeringemergymaximum power principlesystems ecology. Indeed, at the time they were unable to identify them. Ecological Engineering is an emerging field of study between ecology and engineering concerned with the designing, monitoring and constructing of ecosystems. Concepts and methods in ecological engineering. By dividing this conversion into ecological energy flow doum calculated what he termed life support value.

Howard learned his early scientific lessons about birds from his brother, about fish and the philosophy of biology while working after school for the marine zoologist Robert Coker, and about electrical circuits from The Boy Electrician by Alfred Powell Morgan. This extension relied on the definition of an entity as a combination of properties that have some stability with time. It was the presence of stability which, Odum believed, enabled him to talk about the teleology of such systems.

Odum together with David M. Electron flow in the electrical network represented the flow of material e. A group, collective-thinking exercise stimulates memories and draws out qualitative and quantitative knowledge from combined experiences with the real-world system of concern.

Odum left a large legacy in many fields associated with ecology, systems, and energetics. Squares represent biotic ecologua and ovals are fluxes or energy or nutrients from the system. He was the younger brother of Eugene Odum.

Inthey published the first English-language textbook on systems ecology, Fundamentals of Ecology. If one is building a model of energy flow then certainly the Odum system should be given serious consideration Odum attempted to go beyond the reporting of mere ratios, ecologgia move which resulted in the first serious disagreement in systems energetics.

He was one of the first to discuss the use of ecosystems for life-support function in space travel. Odum This is one of his most important contributions to the beginnings of the field of ecological engineering. Research, Past and Present, with Bruno D. For the American sociologist, see Howard W. Odum looked at natural systems as having been formed by the use of various forms of energy in the past: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This was one of the first projects to explore the now widespread approach of using wetlands as water quality improvement ecosystems. In the s Odum introduced his electrical circuit diagrams of ecosystems to the Ecological Society of America. This, according to Odum, necessitated a fundamental change in the way ecologists thought about predator-prey relationships. This step took him from his early interest in ornithology and brought him into the emerging field of systems ecology.

From this view, biogeochemical cycles are driven by radiant energy. Exactly what this is in nature is still uncertain, as it is a new concept. It is postulated that there is a natural selection of the possible systems that may form from a given starting condition, and that those systems that result are those which have mechanisms of maintaining stability.

He measured the energy input of sun and rain, and of all organic matter — even those of the bread the tourists threw to the ducks and fish — and then measured the energy that gradually left the spring.

Views Read Edit View history. Odum believed that this language could be applied to any system: Odum and Howard T. What is clear is that H. This research calculated the potential value of primary production per bay surface area.

Thus a lot of his ideas that seemed so improbable in the past are considered common knowledge now. However the concept is neither free from controversy nor without its critics. Related Posts.


Fundamentals of ecology

Biography[ edit ] Son of the sociologist Howard W. Odum , and older brother of the ecologist Howard T. Odum , E. Odum credited his father for imparting a holistic approach to exploring subjects. When contemplating where to conduct his advanced graduate work, he rejected both the University of Michigan and Cornell University , as he did not feel that this holism was embodied in their approach to their biology departments. The acre preserve had been founded in and its research station established in Raney [2] and Donald Griffin.


Eugene P. Odum


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