Leave this field blank. Darkstalkers Tribute Yan rated it it was amazing Apr 09, Hecai rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Josef rated it it was amazing Jun 20, Tamashii no Mayoigo Anthologies Vampire: This is a paperback without a dust jacket and there are pages. Other books in the tribuute. Feb 25, John Maresco rated it it was amazing. This a nice book with some amazing artwork in mixed styles of the characters from the video game. The colour reproduction is still brilliant.

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Set in a pastiche Gothic horror universe, the Darkstalkers games take place on planet Earth that is in the process of merging with a realm known as Makai.

The reason for this merger varies depending on the continuity, but a continuing theme is that the union of realms brings the arrival of the titular Darkstalkers to the human world, the term being a catch-all for the various creatures of legend. The greatest of these supernatural creatures, and the greatest among those who hunt them, meet in battle to determine who will rule the night.

His quest to conquer the world using an army of robots brings the Darkstalkers out of hiding to oppose his rule over humanity and the supernatural. A second sequel, Vampire Savior Darkstalkers 3 , saw the return of Jedah, previously one of the nobles of Makai, who decides that the only way to save the realm is to take control of it by force. Accordingly, he lures the Darkstalkers into a trap to use their collective souls to remake the realm and control both humanity and supernatural.

Development Edit The Darkstalkers series began when Capcom decided to make another fighting game using the engine of their succesful Street Fighter II game. Jimenez claims he did it in about an hour.

As a result, the entire team was reassigned for the Darkstalkers project. Murata was the first person tasked with bringing all of the separately designed elements together to see how they fit in the big picture. He went on to say that it would take one million requests before Keiji Inafune , then head of research and development at Capcom, would comply.

At that point, Capcom had received 5, requests. He later expressed the possibility of a new Darkstalkers installment during an interview at a Nintendo 3DS launch in London; "One day, if it goes half a million, Capcom may raise its eyebrow a little bit and I could do what I did in London in when I announced the comeback of Street Fighter. In the near future, with your help, it may become true.

So keep it up. He then proceeded to take a photo of the attendees at the panel holding up their money to send to decision makers at Capcom to show support for the game. Darkstalkers Resurrection producer Derek Neal and Yoshinori Ono told interviewers that the re-release bundle was the first step towards revitalizing the franchise. You never know what the future may hold, but Street Fighter is definitely not dead.

There is nothing Darkstalkers on the immediate horizon for sure.


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