I picked up this book thinking that I was going to love it. It found every nerve that I have and pounced right on it. Her father wanted her and her two sisters to come together to save the family business and she took it seriously because she loved the family business. It was a part of their family history and she wanted to save it.

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Christie was ever so kind to send it. I decided to review in order although each book is stand alone. Do you love those purple shoes or what? They were so perfect for each other. Their dialog was clever, their scenes so touching. Wonderful secondary story. Penn and Alessandra were much like gasoline and a match. Apart, they are safe, but when together, the sexual tension ramps up to an explosive range. Alessandra takes her oath to her father to heart.

Family is important to Alessandra and her sisters. Penn grew up never knowing his father. Penn never experienced the family life that is so important to Alessandra until he meets his half-brothers. But slowly, his half-brothers worm under his skin. Learning to be a part of family is new and hard, and he grows to love it…as he grows to love Alessandra.

Unfortunately, my puppy loved the book too! Can you see the teeth marks at the corner? Plus there are some teeth marks on the page edges. If you want a second chance at the book random drawing, your odds affected by number of comments , go visit my interview with Christie on Wednesday, January 12 on Everybody Needs A Little Romance.

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Review: Crush on You by Christie Ridgway.

Togar Buy from our partners. Ridgway manages to give the reader two love stories in the same book. Contrived story There seems to be little flow in this novel. Irdgway, though, after marrying her college sweetheart, Christie again took up writing romances, this time with imaginary heroes and heroines. You submitted the following rating and review. Account Options Sign in. The hero in the book is Penn Bennett.


Ø Crush on You (Three Kisses, #1) Þ Download by ä Christie Ridgway

This is the first in a trilogy about the Baci sisters of Napa Valley, CA Alessandra Baci is the youngest sister and the most determined to save the family s winery They made a promise to their father on his death bed to save the winery at the same time they found out how poorly he had run the family s legacy Allie s older sisters are less optimistic about the turnaround, but they give in to their little sister as does everyone else in town Allie is still known as Tommy s Girl to most everyone in town and even 5 years after their would be marriage, everyone gives in to her and treats her like a little girl. Enter Penn Bennett, illegitimate son of the late Calvin Bennett Penn is welcomed by his brothers, but unsure of his place in the Bennett family When spitfire Alessandra Baci enters into his life, he is mesmerized, but doesn t fall for her tears and sob story She isn t a little girl to him He never knew Tommy, so she s nobody s girl to him He only plans on being in town for a little while and figures he might as well teach her a few things while he is there. A Ruggiero for RomanceNovelNews. The Bennett brothers elect Penn to do the renovations even though the two families have a long standing rivalry What Penn doesn t expect is to be undeniably attracted to the untouchable Alessandra the second he lays eyes on her. The chemistry between Penn and Alessandra heats up quickly and Alessandra struggles with letting go of Tommy s ghost once and for all At times, Penn acts conceited and misogynistic traits that serve to hide a vulnerable man Could Penn be the man to save the ailing winery and Alessandra s lonely heart or will he simply tarnish her saintly reputation Ridgway provides many twists and turns that will leave readers guessing whether the celebrity and the nun of Napa live happily ever Crush on You, the first story in Ridgway s Three Kisses trilogy, is a delightful romance that is sure to please even the most refined palette. Really enjoyed this book The setting in Napa Valley was fun The pairing of a TV Home Repair guy with a woman determined to keep her family s winery in business was sweet Especially since the hero, Penn, is determined to be a hard ass and the heroine, Allie, is her small town s favorite daughter There was also a fabulous secondary friends to lovers romance between Allie s friend Clare who is set to become the first bride married in the winery s new wedding destination venture and her BFF, Allie s cousin Gil Ridgway s writing is multi layered and there were some surprisingly heavy issues dealt with in this romantic comedy Which I loved I m looking forward to Stevie, the next Baci sister s, story in January. Not impressed by the first two chapters of this It opens with the heroine trying on her wedding dress from years ago because reasons most likely because it s dramatic and makes her look desperate The heroine is known as the nun of Napa, which makes her love interest want to nail her And he, of course, constantly thinks dismissively of females Oh, and no one can stop calling him a bastard, even though this is America in the s not Victorian England Noped out.

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