Tojasho T h e b u t t o n o p e r a t i o n s a r e summarized in the following paragraphs, for detail operating instructions, please continue reading. Manual and automatic data logging. In-store pickup is free. It could clog the mechanism. Brunton ADC Pro User Manual Brunton adc summit camping accessories: The evaporation of water from the thermometer with the bulb wrapped in wet cloth has a cooling effect.

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Altimeter measures up to 29, ft. Twenty user-definable altitude points can be stored in memory for later viewing. Barometer provides temperature, sea-level pressure, absolute pressure, barometric-trend indicator and hour memory.

Time-day, date, year, current time, calendar. Water resistent. Includes lanyard and belt loop. Measuring modes and display units can be changed at any time and all functions are controlled with only two buttons. It is protected be a reinforced fiberglass housing and can be replaced easily and affordably should it become damaged or worn. The Kestrel is waterproof and floats and comes with a convenient neck lanyard. The battery is easy to replace and provides hours of use. The protective case prevents damage to the unit.

Kestrel floats and comes with a one year warranty. These are extremely sensitive units for accurate readings. The Kestrel should be recalibrated if the RH sensor has been replaced or has shown drift in its RH measurement.

This manual explains the steps for calibrating the humidity measurement for the Kestrel. This process will take approximately 3 hours, including setup and calibration. Contents of the Calibration Kit: The RH calibration kit includes the following items: two clear, sealable containers one small container with magnesium chloride solution one small container with sodium chloride solution two wooden scrapers The large container is used to create a stable environment.

The small containers are used to hold the saturated salt solution. The saturated salt solutions generate well-defined humidities when they are confined to a contained environment. Quality by Design. All instruments and accessories are completely assembled in the USA Innovative humidity sensor designed for stability and accuracy in abrupt condition changes. Thermally adjusted humidity sensor.

Patented user-replaceable impeller. Quick response, external thermistor. Wind speed Max and average. Temperature Min, Max and Average. Dew Point Min, max and average. Wet Bult Min, max and average. Barometric pressure Min, max and average. Altitude Min, max and average. Density altitude Min, max and average. Thermistor wraps around humidity sensor. New cover allows use of other function while protecting the impeller.

Graph on LCD screen shows changing trends. Stores measurements automatically or at the press of a button. With the optional computer interface, data can be uploaded for long-term storage, in-depth analysis and detailed charting. Simply connect the interface cable to the serial port on your PC, rest the Kestrel on the cradle, and upload your stored data. The included software is easy to use and saves the data in a comma delimited text file for use in your choice of applications: text editor, spreadsheet or database.

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