Start your review of Brighty of the Grand Canyon Write a review Shelves: children-s-and-ya , classics , animals , children-ss , antiquarian-books Brighty of the Grand Canyon is a childrens novel from , written by Marguerite Henry. Now viewed as a classic of American childrens literature, it tells the adventures of a little donkey or as the Spanish say, burro who blazed trails through the Grand Canyon, had many adventures and met many famous people in the process. It is loosely based on a real life donkey, who was first seen around The two of them had a special bond, but Brighty remained a free spirit, roaming the high cliffs of the Grand Canyon. The prospector was a honest old soul, and freely told others where he thought he had located a seam of valuable copper ore, and early in the novel he was murdered by Jake Irons, a ruthless claim-jumper. We read of all the adventures Brighty went through over the years.

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They give their spirit to the place where they had lived, a part of the rocks and streams and the wind and the sky. And as an adult today, I realize such feral animals pose a threat to delicate desert ecosystems of the west. Nevertheless, every time I go to the South Rim, I get a thrill out of seeing the mules in the corral and the daily ritual of stoic mules heading down the Bright Angel Trail each loaded up with an excited visitor. Your initiation rite begins when your mule seems to lean over the edge on those outside corners.

And suddenly you are hanging on for dear life as you stare straight down into sheer, dizzying depths that your mind cannot comprehend. You put a lot of trust in those mules. He was smart—he would kick a man he thought dishonest. He was gentle—children could ride endlessly on his back without his being provoked. He was known for his ability to camouflage himself against the gray rock when a stranger approached.

Brighty loved to impress his friends bouncing bellows of mule laughter off the canyon walls. Brighty was said to be the first to cross the suspension bridge built over the Colorado River in He even hunted mountain lions with former U. President Theodore Roosevelt. He will always be one of my heroes. Grand Canyon and Sacred Peaks Journey : ancient connecting places between humans and spirit.

For Hopi, Navajo, Havasupai, Zuni, Apache and other tribes, these are holy places associated with emergence, deities, ancestors, life giving moisture and ceremony. Merging of mythic meanings and your receptiveness to power of place can heighten your experience.


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History[ edit ] Brighty first appears in the annals of history in in Flagstaff, Arizona , in the possession of two men who were on their way to the Grand Canyon. He is next recorded on the South Rim where he and his owners were seen to enter the Canyon via the Bright Angel Trail. Shortly after that two herdsmen entered the canyon to attempt to find the remains of an earlier drowning victim along the Colorado. Instead, they found a camp at the confluence of the Colorado and Bright Angel Creek that was abandoned with the exception of Brighty.


Brighty of the Grand Canyon


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