It is clear from chapters 18 and 19 of De Brevitate Vitae that Paulinus was praefectus annonae , the official who superintended the grain supply of Rome, and was, therefore, a man of importance. He is also thought to be the father of another Pompeius Paulinus , who held high public posts under Nero Pliny , Nat. Furthermore, there are two known periods when Paulinus could have served as praefectus annonae, 48—55 and 62—71 AD, and scholars prefer the earlier period. Chapters 2 to 9 survey the many ways in which life is squandered and time frittered away by those people occupati engrossed in pointless pursuits. Chapters 10 to 17 contrast the philosophical approach to leisure otium with the deluded common approach.

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It is performed as the musical theme of the classic Joseph L. This film is a remake of the German Frauenarzt Dr. Peter Alexander sings this song in a medley in the film Der Musterknabe.

Bass" , when Bass receives his diploma. In the film Lord Love a Duck , a fairly modern vocal version is sung during graduation ceremonies. It is alluded to in the Terry Pratchett novel Equal Rites , where the character Treatle misquotes it: "Alma mater, gaudy armours eagle tour and so on. An excerpt of the song was performed by cast members of the television series The West Wing during the episode entitled " Debate Camp " Afterward, one character is asked by another what the lyrics mean, and he gives a standard English translation of the first verse.

A sped-up orchestral version of the song plays shortly during a scene of the characters chasing a pet pig in the film Monsters University. Singing the song makes them feel proud to be students, as they stand their ground against the riot police.

A performance of the first, most characteristic strophe was recorded in the midth century by the Italian-American tenor Mario Lanza , and is still available under the title "Gaudeamus Igitur". A doo wop version is available by the Escorts , from , perhaps the only doo wop song sung in Latin.


Lucio Anneo Seneca: vita, opere, pensiero e analisi di De Brevitate Vitae

Maior pars mortalium, Pauline, de naturae malignitate conqueritur, quod in exiguum aevi gignimur, quod haec tam velociter, tam rapide dati nobis temporis spatia decurrant, adeo ut exceptis admodum paucis ceteros in ipso vitae apparatu vita destituat. Nec huic publico, ut opinantur, malo turba tantum et imprudens vulgus ingemuit; Clarorum quoque virorum hic affectus querellas euocavit. Nicht wenig Zeit haben wir, aber viel vergeuden wir. Satis longa uita et in maximarum rerum consummationem large data est, si tota bene collocaretur; Sed ubi per luxum ac neglegentiam diffluit, ubi nulli bonae rei impenditur, ultima demum necessitate cogente, quam ire non intelleximus transisse sentimus. Ita est: Non accipimus breuem vitam sed fecimus, nec inopes eius sed prodigi sumus. So ist es: Wir erhalten kein kurzes Leben, sondern machen es dazu, wir haben keinen Mangel daran, sonder gehen nur verschwenderisch damit um.


Seneca: De Brevitate Vitae – Kapitel 1 – Übersetzung


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