Book Reviewed by Kam Williams "These pages examine the roots of why, more than years after the Emancipation Proclamation, so many of us still think like slaves They finally convinced me that my advertising-based discoveries about the brainwashing of my people, and my ideas about how to finally reverse its effects, could fill a book. Well, here it is. But why has this phenomenon continued to persist so long past emancipation and the elimination of the Jim Crow system of segregation? After all, as an advertising executive with 45 years in the business, he is well aware of the power of propaganda. So he knows that American society has done such a good job on the minds of blacks that they have not only internalized but have willingly participated in the perpetuation and further dissemination of nearly every negative stereotype propagated about them by the media.

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May 13, Joi Reece rated it really liked it I must say that I quite enjoyed this book. Provocative and thought provoking!! This book asserts that African Americans have been subjected to mental enslavement via brainwashing. A plan so sinister, that todays black people accept it as reality and perpetuate it. African Americans have been conditioned to see themselves as powerless, writes Burrell. Conditioning at its saddest supported by a multitude of interesting examples.

The author displays I must say that I quite enjoyed this book. The author displays the parallelisms between the root causes and the untruths that continue to endure, complete with proposed remedies. Some may or may not enjoy this book nor agree with its contents. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall within, this book will undoubtedly spark a lot of conversation and possibly self reflection.

That said, for those mentally prepared for some truth, this is a book to pick up and read. Brainwashed provides many teaching moments. Remain Thought provoking, capable of starting a social revolution. Remain somewhat skeptical from time to time. I can definitely understand all of the propaganda used to brainwash young African American minds. This stuff is real and has been going on for years. I really just love the fact that Tom Burrell uses historical evidences.

He is absolutely right, we do need to wake up and try our hardest to break free from our slave like minds. I actually quite enjoyed reading it. It highlighted key aspects of African American rather American history that I did not know, particularly the meticulously calculated and systematic deprecation of people of color by way of the media. I really appreciate this insight and I am now more conscious of the black inferiority beliefs still affecting many people of all skin colors and nationalities.

However, I disagree with a few of his methods to Overall, I was not disappointed with this book And this in turn prevents awakening, which can eventually lead to change. I happily recommend this book to anyone curious or interested in learning more about the influence of propaganda in the portrayal of African Americans.


Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority








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