Seasons 1 and 2 had both 11 episodes. As fate would have it, a waoang typhoon ravished the island and destroyed the boat by which Dondon makes his living. The series was supposed to end on September 25, but ended on October 6, due to coverage of the special concert staged at the Smart Araneta Coliseum and a taped interview for the series on September 19 and also rehearsals, tapings and dubbings which were occurred during the run. The Promise is a Philippine drama television series based on prime time series of the same name.

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Plot summary[ edit ] Cruz sisters Henya and Margaret live together with Joseph Montenegro in the fictional province of Olivarez. Henya sacrificed everything to give Margaret a better life. Marco gives Emily the Infinity Ring, which means "eternity", as a symbol of their love for each other.

Henya decides to leave the mansion so Margaret can live in peace. Daniel and Katerina become best friends and they gradually develop a very close relationship over the next several years. Tomas remains very resentful towards Daniel and has an addiction to gambling. Margaret, Marco and Jane returns home with their children Nathan and Johanna, who are both becoming interested in Katerina and Daniel respectively.

Unknown to everyone else, Emily returns to the country along with her assistant Miguel Ramos, as they begin investigating the Montenegros. Daniel is fatally stabbed by Tomas and plunges down into the waterfalls, but is found alive by Emily and Miguel. Upon recovering, Daniel is heartbroken seeing Katerina and Nathan together and he agrees to live with Emily in Milan , Italy in order to become stronger. Emily tells Daniel about her life in Milan and she has flashbacks of working multiple jobs until she married a rich old man named Marcelo Guidotti.

Two years later, Emily and Daniel returns to the Philippines after learning that Nathan and Katerina are going to be married. However, Daniel fails to arrive in time to stop the wedding. The Guidottis eventually open their wine business to plan their own counter-strike against the Montenegros.

Johanna learns the truth from Emily that she is adopted. Daniel and Katerina eventually realize that they still have feelings for each other, but Nathan is secretly watching over them. Henya tries to convince Marco and Emily that Daniel is their biological son.

DNA testing confirmed positive results, but Miguel manipulates the results because of his growing obsession to Emily and secretly allies himself with Margaret. After the truth is eventually revealed, Daniel agrees to live in the Montenegro mansion to spend more time with Marco as his father, and Emily is reluctant to accept it. Later on, Daniel and Miguel eventually confronts each other, but Miguel flees with the money he stole and hides from the authorities.

Daniel decides to leave the Montenegro mansion to take care of Emily and Henya. One year after losing the Guidotti Imports, Emily and Daniel work on their own jobs as Tomas and Nathan try to make their lives miserable. Jean has flashbacks that reveals she is actually Jane, who miraculously survived the plane crash and underwent plastic surgery.

Tomas becomes the new president of Guidotti Imports by using the money from Miguel, who is driven by his obsession with Emily and continues to threaten Margaret. Katerina continues to suffer a miserable life with Nathan as his insanity gets too far. Daniel and Katerina attempts to elope together, but Katerina gets abducted by Tomas, and as Johanna discovers the hiding place and tells a depressed Nathan about the location, Nathan confronts and rapes Katerina.

She becomes pregnant and runs away to hide in a far-off location, prompting Daniel to persevere in finding her. Marco and Emily makes a surprise wedding night, but Jean stops them by unmasking her true identity as Jane. Emily manages to lure Miguel into her trap so the authorities can arrest him. Daniel gets into a heated fistfight with Nathan, who stabs himself to frame up Daniel. Nathan still threatens Katerina, while Daniel is fatally stabbed by a prison mate, sending him into a coma.

After recovering at a hospital and was released from prison, Daniel vows to stop Nathan from taking Katerina away from him. Margaret reconciles with Henya before surrendering herself to the police for all her crimes and her alliance with Miguel. Emily and Marco finally get married in the United States, while Miguel fakes his death at the Jones Bridge by getting multiple shots from a sniper by David under the orders of Tomas and plunges down into the river.

Margaret is finally forgiven by Emily, Marco and Daniel. Nathan tries hard to redeem himself for the better so he can make Katerina love him again , but Tomas manipulates the whole situation by telling Nathan that Katerina and Daniel are going to be married.

Marco, Emily and Johanna talks about putting Nathan to a mental hospital, but Nathan overhears them and panics, and as he desperately kidnaps Katerina, Daniel chases after them. An all-out fistfight between Daniel and Nathan results in Katerina suffering a miscarriage.

Marco and Emily commits Nathan to a psychiatric hospital , while a mourning Katerina angrily blames Tomas and Nathan for the death of her unborn child. Tomas gets banned after a bomb threat in the Montenegro mansion, but Margaret is given a special permit to attend the wedding.

Daniel and Katerina are finally married with a grand wedding in Intramuros. At the wedding reception, Margaret announces new positions for the Montenegro Corporation, including Emily as chief operating officer and Daniel as new president of the company. Daniel and Katerina spend their honeymoon at San Francisco.

However, everyone realizes that Miguel is still alive. Daniel eventually face off in a final showdown with Miguel and Tomas, who kidnaps Katerina and Emily respectively.

However, Miguel fatally shoots Katerina and Daniel and the couple ends up in the hospital, but Marco arrives to rescue Emily and kills Miguel in self-defense. In the epilogue, the Montenegros now live together in the hacienda Alcantara, where Henya and Margaret are thinking about Daniel and Katerina being reunited in the afterlife. Emily and Marco have their own baby, named Daniel. Nathan is released from the psychiatric hospital and returns home with his family.

Tomas is sentenced to life imprisonment and is visited by Luisa and Johanna. The story ends with Daniel and Katerina live happily ever after in heaven. Cast and characters[ edit ].

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