Length: 11 hrs and 5 mins Unabridged 5 out of 5 stars 4 Performance 5 out of 5 stars 4 Story 5 out of 5 stars 4 Constantin Stanislavski , arguably the most influential director in the history of the theater, was the founder of the renowned Moscow Art Theater. A pioneer of psychological realism and improvisation on the stage, he devoted his life to developing the performance techniques now emulated throughout the world. This audiobook follows one of his acting classes for 15 months, beginning with the most rudimentary exercises and ending with affecting and polished scenes from contemporary American plays. Written in collaboration with Dennis Longwell, it is essential listening for beginning and professional actors alike. Throughout this audiobooks, Meisner is a delight - always empathizing with his students and urging them onward, provoking emotion, laughter, and growing technical mastery from his charges. Finally she did, and here it is: an account of her own struggle with the techniques of acting and based on her teachings.

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However, my friend, the son of a New York Actress informed me that most New York Theatres audition with monologues and not cold-reads.

I suppose, after they all read the book, they realised how mad the idea really was. I enjoyed the light humour that pervaded this book. Direct, no bullshit advices. Every actor or director should read once. Was really hard to read more than 20 pages a day.

Dec 18, Lauren rated it it was amazing As an aspiring actor, I loved reading this book. Shurtleff takes you into the audition scene and gives you real life examples of what to do and what not to do. Some of the advice he gives is pretty self-explanatory but still extremely helpful. For me, I have referred back to this book to help me get into a good acting mindset.

It emphasizes being yourself during an audition, while taking advantage of the many parts of the audition so the auditor gets a well-rounded view of what you can do.

This As an aspiring actor, I loved reading this book. This book gives information that is not only helpful in auditions, but can be implemented in basically every part of acting. I really like how this book talks about human nature and integrating that into character development. In these chapters, Michael Shurtleff gives great outlines for making the character come to life using things like relationships, conflict and motivation.

My favorite guidepost is number 6, Discoveries. In this guidepost, it talks about being involved in the moment, which can lead to new discoveries about other characters, themselves, the scene, or the show as a whole. It explains that the more discoveries the actor makes in a scene, the better it will be.

I recommend this book to actors, directors, and anyone involved in the show-biz, but it can be useful in real life as well. It gives good tips on how to present and market yourself that can be useful in job interviews and meeting new people.


Michael Shurtleff



Audition: Everything an Actor Needs to Know to Get the Part


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