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The continuous functions of planning requirements and assessing collection identify the best way to satisfy the requirements of the supported commander and staff. These functions are not necessarily sequential. The planning requirements and assessing collection functions are discussed in chapter 2 of this publication. Tasking and directing of limited information collection assets is vital to their control and effective use.

Staffs accomplish tasking information collection by issuing warning orders, fragmentary orders, and operation orders. They accomplish directing information collection assets by continuously monitoring the operation. Staffs conduct retasking to refine, update, or create new requirements. See FM Executing collection focuses on requirements tied to the execution of tactical missions normally reconnaissance, surveillance, security operations, and intelligence operations.

Army doctrine defines intelligence operations as the tasks undertaken by military intelligence units and Soldiers to obtain information to satisfy validated requirements [ADRP ].

See appendix A for a discussion of joint intelligence operations. Information acquired during collection activities about the threat and the area of interest is provided to intelligence processing and exploitation elements. For intelligence purposes, exploitation is defined as taking full advantage of any information that has come to hand for tactical, operational, or strategic purposes [JP Typically, collection activities begin soon after receipt of mission and continue throughout preparation for and execution of the operation.

They do not cease at the conclusion of the mission but continue as required. This allows the commander to focus combat power, execute current operations, and prepare for future operations simultaneously. To provide effective support to execution, planning requirements and assessing collection must be linked to planned and ongoing operational activities.

Plans and orders direct and coordinate information collection by providing information collection tasks based on validated requirements essential for mission accomplishment.

Plans and orders help allocate scarce information collection assets effectively and efficiently. The intelligence staff must collaborate with higher, lower, and adjacent intelligence staffs to ensure the effectiveness of planning requirements and assessing collection. Planning requirements and assessing collection is integrated and layered across echelons. It is integrated with all other activities, systems, efforts, and capabilities associated with unified land operations to provide the information required to create intelligence.

Integration occurs vertically and horizontally, with unified action partners and throughout the operations process. See appendix A. It also requires the intelligence staff to leverage the intelligence enterprise. See ADRP Requirements for information collection are arranged vertically and horizontally using a layered approach. Layering ensures the optimal use of limited information collection assets within a units task organization. Layering allows for mutual supporting activities to share requirements.

Sharing requirements across echelons helps to support commanders at all levels. Commanders drive information collection activities through their choice of critical information requirements and through mission command. See ADRP for doctrine on mission command. Commanders provide planning guidance with their initial intent statement. Planning guidance conveys the essence of the commanders visualization.


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Yozshuzahn Back it up, Richard [Mod: What, you mean the game is over? S short clips after US allegations on I. The suggestion seems to be that these articles are illustrating how hostile the online debate has become and that we should be aiming to be less hostile so as to encourage better behaviour or something like that, I rather lost track of the arguments being made. If anything, what he did is what we need more of; we need more people to consider what their critics say and to change their position if it is warranted. Yet, the consensus is that there has been a genocide during WWII. This kind of argument is pervasive in all the cases of denial: February 10, at 8: If people reject the science out of ignorance, then they are in fact deniers. Guess David Rose thinks the hate he receives is different from hate actual climate scientists receive.


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