This Would Be Most Appreciated. He was the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature in The Pastoral Symphony in French, La Symphonie Pastorale was one of his more famous novels and was originally published in While translating this novel I thought it would make an excellent subject for a movie. I subsequently looked it up, and sure enough, a film was produced with the same name in France in I look forward to seeing it one day.

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In fact, there are few defining themes of 20th-Century philosophy and literature that are not contained, at least in embryonic form, in this slender volume. If the 19th-Century saw the implosion of Cartesian self-consciousness through the successive blows dealt to it by Hegel, Darwin, and Freud, it must be admitted that it took until the 20th for its implications to reach a wider audience, in film, literature, and popular discourse.

Thus, the 20th-Century and so far, the 21st may be understood as the century of suspicion: behind the apparent necessity of the social world, there lies the mere contingency of history; behind the spontaneity of the mental event, the blind regularity of physical processes; behind each overt thought, behind each observable action, a covert and unacknowledged significance.

The theme of the unacknowledged drive, of the concealed intent, of the covert forces lurking behind the overt event is of central importance to La symphonie pastorale. The story is simple. A pastor discovers a blind girl. He takes her in. He falls in love with her.

Tragic consequences ensue. This is no epic. The irony here is convoluted: not only is it the Pastor himself, and not his son, who is duped by his heart, but this very reasoning — this appeal to La Rochefoucauld — is itself the product of his self-deception. A self-deception that is painfully obvious not only to the reader, but to everyone around the Pastor. And he is right, of course. Perhaps there is a blindness more crippling the mere lack of eyesight. This blindness, however, runs deep.

Too keen an eye, I would venture, not to know it intimately. And in this depiction, I see myself all too clearly. Perhaps this is where the horror of La symphonie pastorale lies for me. In such conditions, being aware that one has deceived oneself — is deceiving oneself, will deceive oneself — is not enough. Can we detect this self-deception?


André Gide

In , he became mayor of La Roque-Baignard , a commune in Normandy. In , Gide rented the property Maderia in St. This period, —07, is commonly seen as a time of apathy and turmoil for him. Gide and Marc fled to London, in retribution for which his wife burned all his correspondence — "the best part of myself," he later commented. In , he met Dorothy Bussy , who was his friend for over thirty years and translated many of his works into English.


The Modern Novel

Yobei A serial killer is targeting women in the seedy district of Montmartre. Two wonderful novellas, though LSP gets most of the praise. The island of Sein,in the nineteenth century,in Brittany. The film score was by Georges Auric.


The Pastoral Symphony


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