Technical Data : Detailed information on the structure, size , and displacement of the ship. The armor protection that made the Bismarck an almost "unsinkable" ship. The powerful guns of this formidable instrument of war. The steam power plant that propelled the ship to speeds of up to 30 knots.

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Rico The Prinz Eugen fourth warship to wear that name was the third and last heavy cruiser commissioned by the Kriegsmarine. She acquired notoriety on her first war mission in May , during the Atlantic sortie with the Bismarck in which the Hood was sunk and the Prince of Wales damaged.

In February , after a period spent in Brest, the Prinz Eugen together with the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau , successfully passed through the English Channel on her way back to Germany. Shortly afterwards, while en route to Norway she was torpedoed and damaged by a British submarine off Trondheim. The ship was not ready for service until the beginning of , and then used for training purposes in the Baltic.

In , the Prinz Eugen was used for shore bombardment off the Baltic coast against the advancing Soviet troops to cover the evacuation of refugees. The ship finally surrendered to the British at Copenhagen in May , and was then handed over to the Americans. In July , she survived two nuclear tests in Bikini Atoll. Towed later to Kwajalein Atoll, the Prinz capsized on 22 December Construction number G Damage is slight. In the evening, conducts a refuelling exercise at sea with the Bismarck.

The Prinz Eugen anchored in the Baltic in the spring of Departs Gotenhafen in the evening to attack the British supply lines in the Atlantic with the battleship Bismarck. Refuels from tanker Wollin, and leaves the Norwegian fjord at night. Obtains at least one hit on Hood before the mighty British battle cruiser is sunk by Bismarck at Afterwards obtains three hits on Prince of Wales. Expends x At , in the afternoon leaves Bismarck and heads south. The Prinz Eugen leaves Brest with the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau escorted by six destroyers for a dash through the English Channel.

Group commanded by Vizeadmiral Otto Ciliax. She expends over 5, rounds of AA ammunition, and fires some Passing through the English Channel at 30 knots. February The ships weigh anchor at in the evening. The damage is severe, the rudder is lost, and 50 men lose their lives, but she manages to reach Trondheim by her own power and join the Tirpitz and Admiral Scheer.

February-May The ship undergoes temporary repairs carried out by the repair ship Huascaran in the Lofjord. Two jury-rudders are installed on to the stern transverse bulkhead. On the way back home the German flotilla is attacked by British Beaufort torpedo bombers off the Norwegian coast, but repels the attack and escapes undamaged, reaching Kiel in the evening of the 18th.

Mid-October Repair work finished. Subsequently leaves Kiel for the Baltic. Detected by British planes off Skagen on the 11th, the group returns to Gotenhafen where it arrives on the 12th.

Sails for Norway again with Scharnhorst but is detected one more time by British planes and returns to the Baltic. March Used as a training ship in the Baltic. All three ship-borne Arado seaplanes are used to observe the fall of shot. Prinz Eugen fires projectiles on Tuckum. During this period, the Prinz Eugen fires 1, rounds of ammunition at Memel. It takes fourteen hours to separate both ships. Prinz Eugen fires a total of rounds of ammunition at Sworbe.

December Main From January the Prinz expends rounds of The ship fires on land targets around Tiegenhoff, Ladekopp, Zoppot and Danzig. On the 26th, one crewman is killed by machine-gun fire from Russian aircraft.

On the 31st, nine men are killed as a result of a hit from a Russian rocket bomb. In twenty-six days the ship has expended 4, rounds of Once in Wilhelmshaven enters dry dock. Shortly after moves to Philadelphia where the barrels of turret "Anton" are removed. March Leaves for the Pacific through the Panama Canal.

Dispatched to Bikini Atoll in the Marshalls. At , a nuclear bomb dropped over a target fleet of ships by a B detonates at feet above the surface. Prinz Eugen is located 1, yards from the point of explosion and survives the test undamaged. At , and nuclear bomb is detonated underwater at a depth of about 90 feet. Prinz Eugen is located 1, yards from the explosion, and again survives the test with no appreciable damage.

Late August Decommissioned. Early September Towed to Kwajalein Atoll. View Prinz Eugen Wreck in a larger map By initiative of former crew members, and after seeking for permission, the 12 ton port propeller is removed from the hull and shipped to Germany where it is erected as a naval memorial near Kiel. Graubart USN. Dimensions: overall length Armour: belt 80 mm, turrets mm, upper deck 30 mm, armour deck 30 mm, conning tower mm, torpedo bulkhead 20 mm.

Fire control: 5 x 7-m base rangefinders. Seaplanes: 3 x Arado ar Propulsion plant: 12 boilers, three Germania turbine sets, , hp. One rudder. Speed: knots. Endurance: 6, nm at 16 knots. Fuel capacity: 4, mt.


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