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All rights reserved. Alloy steel pipes containing Cr and Mo are outside the scope of this specification. The requirements stated in this specification are supplementary to the applicable ASTM standard. Commentary Notes: 1.

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Ordering Information 4. Current edition approved Aug. Published August Originally approved in Last previous edition approved in as A The chemical composition, thus determined, shall conform to the requirements prescribed for product analysis in Table 1. In the event of controversy over grain size, referee tests on finished screws conducted in accordance with Test Methods E shall prevail. Over 1. Sockets may be forged or machined.

For diameters and lengths other than this, threads may be rolled, cut, or ground. Hydrogen embrittlement tests shall not be required for screws furnished in these conditions. Mechanical Properties 7. This shall be only the mechanical requirements for screws that are shorter than three times the diameter or that have insufficient threads for tension testing. The screws shall be tension tested with a wedge of the angle specified in Table 4 under the head.

To meet the requirements of the wedge test, there must be a tensile failure in the body or thread section. For the purpose of this test, failure means separation into two pieces.

Screws threaded to the head shall pass the requirements for this test if the fracture that caused failure originated in the thread area, even though it may have propagated into the fillet area or the head before separation. When equipment of sufficient capacity is not readily available, screws shall meet ksi, min, tensile strength, ksi, min, yield strength at 0. See Supplementary Requirement S1 when specific chemistry grades are required. As a guide for selecting material, an alloy steel should be capable of meeting the specified mechanical requirements if the as oil quenched 8.

Metallurgical Requirement 8.



All rights reserved. Unless stated in the purchase order, all pipes shall be suitable for sour service. Spiral-seam SAW pipe shall be limited to nominal diameter size of 16 inches or larger. Unless stated to the contrary in the Purchase Order, pipe manufactured to this specification must be suitable for external coating with fusion bonded epoxy per SAMSS See paragraphs 4.



Saudi Aramco All rights reserved. This specification covers pipe bends with a radius equals to 5 times the diameter, S-shape and 3-dimensional pipe bends. This specification is also applicable for pipe bends with a radius equals to 3 times the diameter intended for use on scrapable pipelines applications. Excluded from this specification are: a b Cold bends used in cross-country pipeline construction which are fabricated at the field or the yards. Standard elbows 1. Direct all requests to deviate from this specification in writing to the Company or Buyer Representative, who shall follow internal company procedure SAEP and forward such requests to the Manager, Consulting Services Department of Saudi Aramco, Dhahran.




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